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I still can't understand why you would put water on it and to that amount  , and at that time . I'm up very early every morning and when there is a good frost like it sounds like you had it would still be freezing at 6 ? Tim you said on 6 occasions this has happened without fail does this include races that have been put back ? The last time I remember this happening and sorry I don't have a date wouldn't be hard to look up tho , the races were to be put back but then the meeting was pulled same sort of scenario . 

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Surely it would be more prudent for the Club and the "powers that be" to cease racing there in the months of June July and August.

Racing in better weather would be helped by the long twilights in Southland .  In the warm months it can still be daylight at 10 pm.

 Travelling to Invercargill in winter has often been risky, especially the frozen hills in the middle of the night.

I am of the opinion that winter racing at Invers is a welfare issue for the people and also for the dogs on an unpredictable surface.

Ray Adcock


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