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Where are the CAMBRIDGE TRIALS Replays?

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Tuesday's 09 May 2017 Cambridge Trials digital recordings are still not posted at 8pm Wednesday 10th.

Why?Why? Why? 

There were 30 Heats. Say 187 horses. Multiply that by an average of 6 owners.
That's a staggering 1200 people awaiting a look at "THEIR" thoroughbred.

And that does NOT include the vested interest of Breeders/ Trainers/Jockeys/PUNTERS/Stable hand staff.

So the excuses I got today from NZRACING were:

a. Camera staff were at Karaka Sales  (That may well have been the case. But one Camera plus             Digital                Recorder and a transponder would have continued the great job that        Trackside have been doing so very well since I gave them a huge serve on their Trials Coverage.

THIS was about 18 months ago and Race Cafe ,my personal phone calls to over paid Website

 employees, netted a positive result .

We expect to see our horse in a digital format the same day

that it races or Trials.

b. There were Camera malfunctions.

c. We didnt send a Camera crew to Waipa. (The trials were at Cambridge fo FFS )

(I suspect that The owners of many of Tuesday's Trial horses are on Holiday.

  Their Training Fees are GST deductable.

Most of them will be  Tapping their Lap tops and I phones in The Med,or Vietnam or Alaska, trying to justify to their Bimbo girl friends or long time life partner  their Thoroughbred Investments: Imagine when they can not get a Trial replay.From Cambridge Trials.


more soon






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In todays world it really is quite unbelievable and I have in the past aired my frustrations. I talked a owner from heading to the central districts to watch his horse trail last year as I believed he could view the trail that night. It took about a week before he  had the privilege to watch his horse trail. Looks like nothing has changed and nothing will 

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