Weaning day?

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Hey Guys, Just a quick question to see how many days approx everyone weans their foals, or is this another one of those "depends on the mares condition" etc.....


There must be a scientific study done re the amount of milk that a mare produces until a certain day, as to whether you are gaining anything leaving the foal on or not.


Your opinions please :)


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Yes depends, however March is s good month because:

1. It's not Christmas (dec)

2. It's not sales time (Jan feb)

3. It's not yet getting cooler (April)

true farming logic that.

OR if the foal is  dragging the mares condition down and she's in foal. A better question would be when do I start hard feeding. 

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yeah well I Normally wean about 6 months, my foal was born on 6 Sep so nice and early and the mare is in foal again so being her first year with a foal at foot just monitoring her condition - she was hard fed the last month - 6 weeks before foaling and they are now eating together too.


Thanks guys was much what I thought but just wanted someone to bounce off.



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