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It may not be on the line but I've watched lots of close finishes from that venue (on TV) and the angle is always in favour of the outside dog (ie. if it looks like a dead heat then give it to the outside dog.  I backed a loser in that race but definitely thought the outside dog won even before any angle in its favour.

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On 10/16/2016 at 9:52 PM, Joe blogs said:

you do realize that the camera is not on the line

I think Peter rozo will back me up

this sort of thing gets bought up all the time 

I have just come across this after reading on another forum that the judge made the correct decision, according to the writer.

It is not for me to enter the debate of who won or who didn't but I will say that the only picture/photo the judge can use is the one produced by the FinishLynx system. The system is capable of producing up to 2000 photos per second for greyhound races. That is, one pixel (picture element) represents one 2000th of a second.

The "theory" referred to elsewhere on this page regarding the outside dog is a rule-of-thumb system only. And not one used by judges, I assure you. We had a classic recently at Addington where the outside dog "appeared" to have won but the inside dog got the verdict. It was close certainly but the result was clear. Sometimes I think it is more a matter of momentum rather than inside or outside. Remember that the dogs are small compared to horses and are travelling fast. (Then again, I think it often depends on which dog or horse you backed as to which you think has prevailed).

I am surprised at some of the comments on this thread. They are almost actionable.



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