Champion Tipster Comp Round 2 Races/Entries

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 Hastings        Race 6  #  5    Mystery Show
 Hastings        Race 8  # 13   Mime               B/B     
 Hastings        Race 9  # 15   Galaxy Miss 
 Caulfield        Race 5  # 4     Captain Duffy                                                       
 Caulfield        Race 8  # 16   Second Bullett
Better Play My Joker !
Good Luck All

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20 minutes ago, Party Poker said:

Joker - not sure what this was - didn't see it in original rules - getting blind.


i suppose you can post it any week?



Yep you get to play it once.  It doubles all 5 of your bets in that particular week (rather than just the one best bet).  You don't have to post a best bet in that week as they're effectively all best bets, ie. you don't get double double (4x) for your best bet in that week.

Extract from the rules:

Joker  During the comp each player will have a Joker each to be used one time only. If you play your Joker you will get double points for the whole day you play it, but there will be no best bet for that day. It is totally up to the individual when they choose to play it. They must nominate with their entries that this is their day to use the Joker or it will not count.

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1 hour ago, Midget said:

This is not my show but as usual I'd like to poke my nose in and ask if you could name your horses rather than just a number.

I enjoy a laugh knowing what you mugs have picked but numbers aren't quite as funny.

Numbers are a help when setting up the sheets for results, otherwise we still have to put numbers to the names



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Hastings Race 6 -horse 2 Volpe Veloce

Hastings Race 8 -horse 1 Kawi

Hastings Race 9 -horse 3 Get That Jive

Caulfield Race 5 – horse 3 Awake and Grinzig

Caulfield Race 8.- horse 3 Excessive Knowledge BB

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