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Meersbrooke Equine Services

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Hi there. Here's a quick overview of the serices we offer. We're based on a 300 acre property 5 mins from Palmerston North town boundary. We lease another 150 acres next door. For full details see our FB pages
We offer:

Spelling for racehorses. Great environment to relax & unwind. Maximum 6 outside horses.

Full pre-training service ideally suited to horses who need individual attention/programmes or a variety of work to build fitness - we've had 30 + years experience. Our property is a mix of flats, rolling & hills. It's well tracked & great for building fitness. We also visit the beach, use the arena & facilities at Tielcey Park and go into Awapuni track regularly. We breed & train our own racehorses, plus sporthorses - have our own 9 horse truck, so transportation is easy, including to jump outs etc. Our riders are experienced & well balanced - able to get the best from your horse. If your horse needs hand walking before starting ridden work, they are fully competant at leading out from our guide horses or lunging.We only take a maximum of 4 outside horses, so you can be assured your horse will get plenty of attention. All our horses are worked in Stride Free saddles. For more photo's & information, check out our 'Meersbrooke Thoroughbred' page on Facebook.

Equine massage/bodywork. This is an intergral part of all our own horses' fitness programmes. Liz has over 25 years experience in equine massage and bodywork. Each treatment is tailored to suit the individual horse, with the goal being to help maximise freedom and elasticity. Being ridden (even correctly) adds stress to the horses' body.
Does your horse bite or get grumpy when being girthed? Does it only canter on 1 lead? Does it feel stiff? Does it have trouble bending? Is it bad tempered & getting worse? Has it had an injury & now doesn't move as freely? Is it an equine athlete that you want to get the best performance from? Is it old & feeling a bit stiff? Our equine massage/bodywork is suprisingly good at helping these problems. It's well tolerated...most horses just bliss out! It's also good for helping reduce anxiety. Liz travels to treat the horses at your property - Central districts regions.

Feel free to get in touch about any of our services.

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