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I record an awesome live concert show on FACE tv called Europe in Concert........I was hoping to play 3 or 4 songs just to see what you guys thought of Apocolyptica with Franky Perez doing vocals in 2 of them.

However I can't find on youtube so here's 1 with Adam Gontier doing vocals...there big hit

Apocolyptica is a Finnish band with 3 chello members & a drummer plus occasional vocalist.



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Janis Joplin drove a 1964 Porsche 356 from 1968 till she died in 1970 got one of her scruffy mates to paint the history of the universe around it. God knows what that was all about .After she died the car was sold and over the years was completely trashed . Janises family brought it and completely rebuilt the Porsche including paint job.Sold for 1.7 million a couple of years ago ,was on the Turbo channel At Woodstock I think she did one of the longest sets 8 or 9 songs was one of the favorites there . Mind you I think everyone was the favorites as it became more blurred as the days wore on and on band blended into the next, hope that helps cheers BH

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