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RIP Bart

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Hello All, Mrs Biff here, please grant me licence to pay homage and respect to my/our former neighbour Mr Bart Cummings. Bart was imortant to not only Australia, he was important to New Zealand, the Wairarapa especially, Bart provided a stage for the New Zealand horses to shine, he had the ability to bring out the best in them, he had an extraordinary eye for a horse.


I think all bar three of his Melbourne Cup winners were NZ bred, Bart revered the staying blood in this country that NZ breeders identified and nutured, he was the best, he will never ever be replicated. Our sincere condolences to the family and his staff, no doubt this morning zzzn, Joey Reg and Nigel will mourn their boss and mate.

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RIP Bart... True legend of the turf. etched in my upbringing memories.

spent a year going to school in Adelaide and got

up early to watch Cummings horses train on the beach at Glenelg.

Just reading he recieved his training licence in 1953,set up stables at Glenelg

won the Sth Aust. Derby in 1958...a list as long as your arm of any race worth winning.  

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R.I.P Bart Cummings.

Champion trainer and bloke. Legend +. We won't see anyone like him ever again.

My ambition was and is to have a starter in the Melbourne Cup. He trained 12 winners. And some weren't the best horse in the race by far. But they were on Cup day.

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Lifetime legend of the turf

Loved the thoroughbred horse

started training by beach and surf 

Races won on Melbourne-Sydney Racecourse


Australian smiling personality

Talked a little-said a lot

Lifetime respected ability

Legend for sure,never to be forgot


I salute your thoroughbred life

True superstar we all respect

Supported by your partner-wife

Said with your wry grin-perfect


Thanks for the memories

David Hodgetts

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Got to know him a bit in the Sky Chase days which he trained.

10 years later was back at his stables to look at as colt as a stallion prospect.

He looked up when we entered his office.

"What are you doing here" he asked. "We've come to look at such & such I said."

Bart as always was quick with a one liner " hope you've bought plenty of money"

He'll be happy as long as they have champagne in Heaven!

Vale a legend.

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