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Spelling - what's your pet hate?

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OK I freely admit; this is a horse forum, not an English one. However, English is the 'lingua franca' of our culture for the most part [ and certainly for this site] and whilst Fordy and a few others can cause the odd grimace with their[ab]use of our great language, there are some simple mistakes that get right up my nose every time. However, instead of hijacking the various threads alluding to the poor spelling, I thought I'd start this thread and each time your pet hate occurs - you can simply add to the number!!!

So, I'll start the ball rolling with these common peralers:

1] The misuse of "Your" ie; "Your going to regret that!"

It is "You're [short for 'you are' - that's why there's an apostrophe for the missing 'a'] Your implies ownership of something. ie; "it was YOUR decision to buy it!!"

I feel better already..... :)

2] 'Loose' [pronounced looss] meaning: not tight; to set free;

and 'lose' [pronounced looz]. meaning: Opposite of win; to mislay;

Say no more..

3] 'Lead' and 'led'.

eg 1. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him thirsty..."

eg 2. "I led the horse to water but do you think the ungrateful ##### would drink??!!" or

eg 3. [and this is where the confusion comes in with this one I think].. "Fishing sinkers are made of lead."

As with many words in our fine language, CONTEXT determines the correct choice of word...

I hope that has helped to clear up a little of the confusion that seeme to exist around these little words. Feel free to add your personal observations and helpful hints: together we can help raise the level of English on a site where so many it seems had their minds on other things in high school. :)

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Fair Dinkium Cheif = Brendon Weaver.Not once but every friggin time:D

My horse is at the trails....Its TRIALS ok?

Anyway,I get the guts of what people are trying to say,unless of course its Razorsharp,Lochy or Fordy(Frody)...

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im well educated.

but i must admit, texting and posting on internet forums makes me

A) shorten words

B) not use capitals when you should be

C) i use fullstops and commas, but very seldom apostrophes

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My favourites were the posts a wee while back from a jockey who was describing some problems he'd had with drugs.

Sad story and I wish him well, but never before have I seen so many words strung together without a single piece of punctuation or a single capital letter.

Fordy had nothing on this guy!

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my pet hate is "the horse could of won" or "would of won" they are meaning could've, would've ; short for could have, would have. I think its probably partly a hearing prob with alot of people

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