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Bruce M

Saloon Saloon Losers Get Laid 12....26-04-14...FINAL ROUND

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We have five survivors into the final round.


1-The competition will run every Saturday from this week (18/01) until Saturday April 26th.
There will be fifteen rounds.

2-The prize competition is open to all members of Race Cafe.
Of course you must be in from week one.It wouldn't be fair to allow people to join later on as the aim is to last ten weeks without picking a winner.
Late entrants will be permitted in Week 2 although they will start on a score of -50 and lose a life.

3-Each selector will post one "lay" each Saturday.This can be on any NEW ZEALAND thoroughbred race run that day.I will post a selection thread each week.

You can select an AUSTRALIAN race but it must be a Group or Listed race.Points will be calculated on NZTAB dividends.

4-These selections must be posted before 11am each Saturday.Those who fail to post will be allocated Dillo's Northern meeting BEST BET of the day.If this wins they lose 50 points so it's a good incentive to post.
Any scratchings can be replaced up till 11am...after this you're on Dillo's BEST BET.
You won't earn any points from Dillo's BEST BET but if it loses you survive.

If Dillo doesn't have a BB any particular week then Steve Davis' BB will be used.If no Steve Davis then Mark Claydon.
If the ODT doesn't have any Northern picks then we'll use Matt Smith and his BB from the Southern meeting.
If none of the above then Brent Wall and his BB from the Central meeting.

If your horse is officially late scratched you may have no chance to change it...indeed you can't after 11am.Therefore if you're late scratched and don't/can't post a replacement you will survive but score no points. If you're scratched normally you will go on Dillo's BEST BET unless you post a replacement before 11am.

Abandoned races or meetings count as late scratchings.

Note you can only post a replacement pick if your original selection is scratched.

If Dillo's BEST BET is scratched you earn no points but will survive the week.

5-All losing "lays" will score points.
A lay paying $100 will earn 1 point.
A lay paying $2 will earn 50 points.
A lay paying $4.30 will earn 23.25 points etc.

All losing "lays" in Group One races will earn double points......Group Two races will earn a 50% bonus and Group Three or listed races will earn a 25% bonus.

6-Points will be calculated from the official closing dividends on the TAB website.

7-The highest end of competition points total will win the LOSERS GET LAID competition.

8-The first time a selector picks a winner they will lose fifty points...the second time they pick a winner they're out.

9-This time the prize will be a $300 bar tab, at any one of our outlets, Saloon, Cowboy, or the new one that's yet to open, Harry's Place, in Parnell.

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Breeders Stakes...Group 3

Travis Stakes...Group 2



Haa Mark Stakes...Group 3

Frank Packer...Group 3

Champagne Stakes...Group 1

All Aged Stakes...Group 1

JHB Carr Stakes...Group 3

JRA Plate...Group 3



Chairman's Stakes...Group 3

Queen Of The South...Group 2

Australasian Oaks...Group 1

R Sangster Stakes...Group 1

DC McKay Stakes...Group 3

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