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R4, BRIDAL TRAIN opened at $4.00 and then moved steadily to $3.20 on the 18th. Stepping up to 1600 for the first time, there's support suggesting she will handle it well.

R4, LATRELLE was the first to move in the market when it opened. She placed 2nd up last time and is dropping a bit in class from a strong Auckland race.


n R2, IRISH MISS was a $280,000 purchase and it's her first time racing. She hasn't shown much in her four trials so far, but her breeding suggests she could be promising if she lives up to her dam's side of the family. Keep an eye on her development.

In R6, HULA BEAT has been performing consistently despite poor draws in her last four starts. With a better draw this time, she has a good chance to win here. The Marsh stable is in strong form, so she's definitely one to watch.





R3 MEANT TO BE, open 17th at $2.80, continues to take support through Thursday dropping into $2.50.

R3 SHARP IMAGE, the only other in this race to take early support, opened $18.00, now into $13.00

R7 PARAMOUNT KIWI, looks well place here, opened $4.50 and continues to get support now $2.20


R3 ARI ON SAFARI, $4.80 opening Thursday, Friday morning $3.30. 

R8 JUDGEMENT DAY, opened $13.00 and before the bookmarker could get back from t=making a coffee, started to take support, now into %5.50

Good Luck. 


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