STEVEO's Weekend Value Runners.

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R5 GENTLE BEN , recently racing in the south, stepping up in company, but has early market support. 

R8 DAZZLING MISS, looks well placed here, nice draw, tighten on market very early. 

R8 THE GREY GOOSE, very unlucky recently, another to take money of Thursday night. watch


BIG MOVER: R1 MILANESE, someone has jumped on, opened $31.00 back down to $10 Friday morning. now holding at $11.00 watch.

R8 TOBAIS $18.00 into $15.00,  weight off, and drop out of Auck company. E/W

R8 MADAME MOET, quickly dropped to $14.00 on Thursday, key is back to1400m, worth considering with this market push.


R3 REVOVATIONS, has form and taking early money, watch

R7 CASINO PRINCESS, placed on course, wont mind the rain, starting to tighten in market, now $3.20, still value right now.

Others to watch from early market. 

OTA R3 PLATHUIM DESIGNS $6.00 into $4.50 early

OTA R6 PRIDE OF ASPEN, $5.50 tightening to $4.80 continues to move.

BIG MOVER : RICC R8 CHARBANO $31.00 into $16.00

Good Luck 

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