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Found 3 results

  1. If you want to know the last 600m off the front to give you the tempos of races click below for Avondale and Awapuni. I've also mentioned some blackbookers. There's a free login today too for Tauranga. In recent meetings there have been some significant market movers winning there. I've posted the opening odds from Wednesday so you can see which ones are being backed in. Hope you make a dollar or three.
  2. We are trialing publishing all individual Opening and closing sectionals plus all adjusted race times of every greyhound at Auckland to gauge how much interest there is in them. If you want them or have any feedback, please let us know, because if we don't get significant interest, we won't be continuing them, as they tend to take a while to calculate.
  3. The individual sectionals from the Wanganui 2 September meeting can be seen here for free as we are trialing them to gauge how much interest there is in them. Happy analysing.