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Found 1 result

  1. Pillow talker

    Punching above there wait

    Hi all..been watching most races this season,And one thing that I’ve really taken notice of is Smaller trainers trainers going so well.when a huge part of the races meetings are made up of baker\forsman Te akau , team rogerson , pike..nothing against there’s trainers but just thoses numbers alone would be 4 to five hundred horses..having pleanty of horses in work isn’t a bad thing , apart from the staff witch we won’t go there !!!! but means your doing something right.. and need them in the game..but I’ve noticed a few trainers really punching above there weight,and from a punting point been making a nice little nest are my 3 trainers I think are going super shawn and Emma clotworty peter lock Fraser auret I’m not sure Of there numbers but I’m guessing there a lot smaller then most in the top 20 trainers. And have been quietly ticking the winners over.well done to you guys..would love to get your guys feed back.cheers