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Found 2 results

  1. Win multi only each of the three Group 1s please. The multi I like most from Cafers posted before high noon raceday will be invested with the TAB by 1pm and posted here. It'll be a minimum $20 multi up to $50, depending on how generous I feel at that time. If we win Cafer whose multi I picked gets to name the charity that gets the cash. Fair enough? Do your best please for a good cause somewhere...
  2. OK you folks who fancy yourselves as good tipsters or just 'know something' for this weekend. I'm going to put a $20 win multi and a $20 place multi on your best tips. So here's my polite request: Send me the name of one horse for a Win and one horse for a Place in any race at Te Rapa Saturday I'll select the 3-race Win multi and 3-race Place multi from your tips - based on what I agree (most) with. LOL And I'll post the multis here Sat mornin'. I'll place the bet on Friday night or Sat morning by 10am latest ...and if it/they come home I will donate the funds to