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    mmmyb reacted to alltheway!!! in Clone Your Own   
    Huge run by cyo last night to get second
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    mmmyb reacted to PC in Clone Your Own   
    Small note of interest, in Clone Your Own's race tonight, the 2 dog, Sapporo, is out of top former chaser in NZ Tricky Shelley and the 5 dog, Ride the Rails, is a half brother to Northern Sprinters Cosmic Mack and Cosmic Pearl.
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    mmmyb got a reaction from Chestnut in Winter Harness Comp Week 1 Alex Park & Melton Friday 7th June   
    Was just checking results to see how I got on, and all my horses arent racing.
    I looked at the fields on the net, but must have been wrong meeting. Gees, haha. Maybe stick to the greyhounds comp. Lol.
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    mmmyb got a reaction from dustydreamnz in Manawatu track   
    Well obviously, as they raced on it.
    Trainers are concerned for the welfare of dogs, and they would scratch their dogs if they believed the track to be unsafe.
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    mmmyb got a reaction from howrude in Manawatu track   
    Interesting the times from the first race to the last.
    Race 1 - C0 457m - Winner: Chase Ostee TIME: 26.77  (Jumped and led)
    Race 12 - C4/5 457m - Winner: Cob Webber  TIME:27.08 (Came from behind)
    Shouldn't be that much difference, but there was. Just found it somewhat intriguing.
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    mmmyb reacted to ate in Gypsy Brad.   
    Maybe because this "High Flyer"  was chasing not playing in his "Mouse House"????
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    mmmyb reacted to lad27 in Place 6   
    Ahhh bonus quaddie, nice effort mate. Sweet effort for the day my son.
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    mmmyb got a reaction from chiknsmack in Good To See   
    I just had a look at the results today from Christchurch, and the sectional times are shown after each race, with what dogs were infromt at the time. Great to finally have this information avaliable.
    Only question is, "is this going to happen for all race meetings or just Addington.
    As far as I know, Auckland have the sectional times on their website, and in the back of the racebook up there. Why cant this be a regular thing. Only time will tell.
    But again, thumbs up to NZGRA for doing this.
    Also, the race replays are great. Easier if I miss watching races, or want to see a particular race.
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    mmmyb got a reaction from jasonmccook in Paul Connor   
    If he gets voted out, why would he be allowed back in?
    Fully agree Jason.
    If a letter is tabled, a reply letter should be sent.
    Unsure if it is in their policies, but that should be the case.
    I have been on many boards and committees, and we have always replied to tabled letters.
    Even if its a "Thank you for your letter, it has been tabled, discussed and we will be mindful of this matter in the future"
    Surely it is common courtesy??
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    mmmyb reacted to pogo(aus) in Brad Thorn   
    eric behave yourself, fred hollows foundation need the money more...
    IF you are having a bet take the 1.04 > 37 collapsed scrums   or the 1.01> 67 kicks in general play ......
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    mmmyb got a reaction from GONSTA in Interesting Box Stats - Retaliate First   
    I didn't even think to do the maths. Lol.
    It should be combined surely, or just have the NZ form. I think its the same as the stakes money in the Race Books etc, but on the dog profiles on the website, is separated there.
    VERY confusing
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    mmmyb reacted to mcmissile in Zebidiah unable to make 3 C5 fields???   
    Dixie Lee was a reserve in a C5 final after only getting 4th in her heat otherwise would of definitely made a class 5 field.