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  1. did you even read what i posted??

    some idiot abuses the trainers for being fat and you penalize everyone in the thread- my post was a sarcastic dig at the original poster- in no way did i support that

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    2. hooters


      so cancel the tread

    3. hooters
    4. scooby3051


      I will when I am ready I want all of you shit stirrers to see what i wrote for a while first and when I am ready I will pull it down... if that is OK with you ... sorry what was your name again... oh thats right you don't dare show that do you.

  2. hooters


    yeah right -there's no fat asians....
  3. hooters

    Cromwell Meeting

    what you have to realize is the conditions of the special license dictate when you have to be off the premises not "The Big Boss Man and his henchmen".. while he may have needed a friendlier manner most customers act like they are nailed to the floor at closing time and can be extremely hard to move on...The fines to the licensee are considerable if local authority take exception to people remaining at the venue too long after the event as well as possible loss of license... 3 cheers for the fun police..
  4. hooters

    harness fixed odds bets today

    8.20 am and the fixed odds and Multis aren't open yet??? Not good enough TAB bet that pissed off a lot of harness folk looking to put on the wager before leaving home.. hope it hasn't crashed , Been working long shifts since Thursday and am having withdrawal symptoms
  5. hooters

    Our Waikiki Beach

    I'm going off memory but isn't that the race where Colin De Fillipi tried to get an edge and mistimed his sprint at the start of the race- horse ended up with his head under the mobile gate and went off stride?
  6. hooters

    Our Waikiki Beach

    From the days before percentage trifectas when they paid out on nearest combination if no one picked correctly i would guess...back when all trifectas were terminating..Not like nowadays when the betting pools are harvested for funds to do as they like.
  7. hooters

    Our Waikiki Beach

    Seriously? An $8000 race in Aussie ?
  8. hooters

    Cromwell grass

    will grass form make any difference on that track?? looks pretty dry up there... beautiful day but up to 30 degrees expected..
  9. hooters

    Roxborough drivers

    Never seen so many Kiwi drivers determined to get to the front , seems everybody wanted to lead or trail.
  10. hooters

    Trotters vs Pacers

    time after time DD takes horses with little or no form and wins on them by knowing the ability of the drivers and horses around him,
  11. hooters

    Guilty until proven innocent.

    so your suggesting everybody else is lying and Chris Cairns is innocent- lets see what comes out at the trial.
  12. so be more creative, friends family, paid employees offer a percentage..I bet some others are doing this.lol
  13. hooters


    If he was a galloper he would have been the top weight, He certainley carried it...
  14. hooters

    Poker Bets

    I do multis- use the "any 2" option to have the same effect as "poker bets" and use percentage betting at times to reduce overall cost. I find i get better prices on many odds especially earllier in the day .
  15. hooters

    Cramp Rort @ Mildura

    You do realize Ben Johson had been cheating for years yes?