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  1. totally agree mate ..i was just encouraging you to keep looking on the brighter side of this crisis ... eg over the last two months I' haven't had to listen to the constant repetitious drone of Peter 'Ah..There' Earley ...now I'll be spared the nasal twang and lazy diction of Greg O'Connor. Small comforts, really. Maybe someone is clever enough to crank up a privately-owned Racing Radio Channel in our brave new world
  2. RITA was needing a bail out regardless of Covid19. In fact considering RITA had to pay no stakes I would have a guess that RITA's cashflow held up not to bad during April. So...where are the figures of Income/Expenditure since RITA took over running the show? Surely the Half-Yearly Report covering Aug 2019 -Jan 2020 (pre-Covid) would shine some light on this, but there is no sign of this Report, already two months overdue
  3. more positivity is such a good idea...mebbe next on your list is anew moniker eg No More Doom LOL
  4. In our brave new post-Covid world, could we partially solve our pathetic 'TAB Fixed Odds/bookies' problem by allowing bookmakers on-course and licensing overseas bookies to compete with or replace the TAB?
  5. NO Greg A professional outfit would have take the time to acknowledge receipt of the proposal from a genuine stakeholder
  6. That means that either we've got the rudest most unprofessional mob running racing, or we have a meltdown on our hands. OR BOTH 3
  7. gone gone to Hong Kong ..shame he was scratched from the last at Flem two Sats ago..had invested early at 14-1
  8. agree, mate ...he has been hugely disappointing for too long now for mine. Thought he was Grp 1 quality a while back
  9. Nonsense. Not the end for Nats at all. Labour was regarded as 'history' in the Shearer/Cunliffe days..not all that long ago! A week is a long time in politics. Jacinda is blotting her copybook by not going to Level 1 soon enough and when unemployment stats hit the fan and winter miseries kick in, things will improve for National.
  10. I'd pay for the Mute button when he is on ...
  12. Cant say I'm thrilled by the news that another $2.5m goes from the Govt to another Govt agency to 'fast-track' framework of gaming revenue - ie DIA in charge of this. Too slow and the racefields legislation is crucial to future revenue streams that can drive the recovery and rebuild. The industry needs quick, decisive action to prevent a massive loss of confidence (and therefore loss of interest and investment) among NZ stakeholders -breeders, owners, trainers, staff and punters.
  13. mebbe Glenda hughes is tired of the hounds and will be all over that CEO application!
  14. i dont see how any argument that AB was given Regumate to calm him down can be acceptable in the eyes of the law. Its use on male horses is illegal End of story. As for Mr Endresz, his history makes p4p's battles with the law look very modest ...a point that, if correct, would no doubt rankle any litigous narcissist
  15. yep a perfect 2nd ...poorly ridden though imo ...still, both Funstar and Probabeel failed to win their respective races yesterday. Why? imo they've been asked to do too much for too long...not blaming the owners ..., just remember they are 3yo fillies racing on wet tracks ...these horses are still growing, their legs and joints cop plenty of punishment every time they gallop ..Probabeel has raced thru the spring and summer and now autumn in NZ and Aus ...they are not machines. I wouldnt be surprised if Probabeel never wins another race of any consequence.
  16. is The Black Panther related at all to The Black Leopard ? LOLLLOL
  17. a good one to lay - up against the older horses, coming back in trip on a quick back-up, she's only 3...on a heavy surface that might get a bit sticky/puggy as it dries out... I prefer one of the older and/or fresher stronger types in a bog even field ...Funstar is way under the odds imo...
  18. R1 1,2,5 R2 2,4,9 R3 6,12,13 R4 2,10,11 R5 2,9,10 R6 1,4,7 R7 5,6,7 R8 1,4,13 R9 1,7,8 R10 4,6,7
  20. I'd suggest that they couldnt do it straight away because: too many people were returning in the first few days after bborder restrictions were announced they didnt have the testing kits, PPE, tracing procedures or accommodation for so many people so soon it's 'all good' now cos they've bought enough time to establish these things - and the trickle of citizens returning for mandatory quarantine will be manageable. The cost to us all is enormous, of course - they say $3.5 billion per week of lockdown - and the mid-long term cost impossible to gauge but devastating. Give the low mortality rate of Covid, at 2% with emphasis on very old people with underlying chronic health issues, is the cost worth the lives saved?
  21. thanks for that spoiler alert CT, just as well you told me cos I'd never have guessed there was no Big Mario by my own self. Yep, we'd sure be lost without your kind consideration.
  22. well done, you ...yep. these are TAB divvies ...must've been a great feeling when you knew Sing For The Sun was going to win.
  23. 6 September 2014 Airfield Road $8.50 Wee Biskit (GN Hurdles) $25.40 Swiper The Fox (JRA Trophy) $8.90 Sing For The Sun $11.40 smallest winning margin SFTS 1.5 L
  24. i expect you'll be watching your back a little more often and a little more closely now CT...and, yes, you shoulda given the ticket to the TAB if it wasn't yours ...imagine how grateful Big Mario would be, mate...no horses heads on your bedpost and a free trip to Sicily any time you like!
  25. Clark and Bridges actions were both stupid. If he's going to do a better job in Wellington he should stay there, not drive to and from.