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  1. By Philoctetes out of Yvonne (NZ), a Blueskin mare
  2. Morning citizens...and thanks MFMTC .. Comp Race 1: Doomben R3 2.25pm : 1 Comp Race 2: Morphettville R2 3.06pm : 8 Comp Race 3: Flemington R4 3.30pm : 3 Comp Race 4: Morphettville R3 3.46pm (BONUS RACE): 12 Comp Race 5: Doomben R6 4.20pm : 4 Comp Race 6: Doomben R7 5.00pm (BONUS RACE) : 1 Comp Race 7: Rosehill Gardens R7 5.15pm : 1bb Comp Race 8: Doomben R8 5.40pm : 13 bb Comp Race 9: Doomben R9 6.20pm (BONUS RACE) : 1 Comp Race 10: Flemington R9 6.45pm : 13 bb
  3. They will need to find a much quicker way to inject $$M into Stakes than a repeal of the betting levy phased out over three years producing $3.18m for racing and sports.
  4. weasel57

    stallion for 2019

    and maybe the high ratio of sprinter-milers winning is showing that the progeny are increasingly throwing more to their sire than their dam. I'm no expert on this...
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    stallion for 2019

    interesting viewpoint, and there's no doubt that Tavistocks take time and stay exceptionally well. BUT how do you explain the fact that in NZ this season 36 of 46 wins have come at 1600m or less?
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    Marsh starting $600k colt at Caulfield...

  7. I'm gearing that turnover is down 30% since the new app was introduced in Jan ..is this verifiable?
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    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Mebbe Max moving outwards (deliberately or not) is the root cause. I cant see the stewards' decision being changed now, even in the courts.
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    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    For HOTY I think another factor should be considered: a horse's ability to capture the imagination of the public. MB is streets ahead of TB in that regard as well. Winning one Group 1 sprint in Queensland isn't enough IMO for The Bostonian to leap ahead of Melody Belle for HOTY. He won very narrowly off a perfect trip and rails run. And several of the best Oz sprinters not there..incl dual Everest winner Redzel, Santa Ana Lane etc. I'm very pleased to see TB win for NZ in Qsld, just don't think we should get ahead of ourselves.
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    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    ...and what you 'make up for' in self-professed good looks is easily offset by the fact that you are a total prat.
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    stallion for 2019

    TAVISTOCK 2018/19 NZ SEASON - WINNERS [email protected] 12/5/2019 46 races won; 35 individual winners, 0 Group wins ; 1 Listed win (Tomelilla - Haunui Farm Karaka Classic) · 32 wins by girls,14 by boys · 25 wins @ 1000m-1400m · 11 wins @1401m-1600m · 10 middle distance wins (2000m -2100m) 0 x 2yo winners; 16 x 3yo wins (12 from fillies, 3 x geldings, 1 x colt) · 21 of the 46 wins are from 5yo or older (incl 7 wins from his first crop, ie 7yos) · 0 wins in August; 8 in Sept; 5 in Oct; 5 in Nov; 7 in Dec, 5 in January, 4 in Feb, 4 in March, 5 in April; 3 so far in May 2019 Most wins: (4) Donna Anne Billy; (2) each by Moss Jazz, Lady Kartel, Shantav, She's A Goddess, Spring Delight, Mamma Sans, Granite Ridge Best win: Tomelilla (Listed Haunui Farm Karaka Classic, Sep 23 2018) · Will Tavistock's fee come down from $65K ...you betcha...but it'll still be pricey...I reckon $50k vicinity
  12. weasel57

    stallion for 2019

    Tavi Mac 3yo colt ex Bellaroof by Maroof Wins on debut at New Plymouth in the hands of a female apprentice having her first race ride! From my records the first Tavistock COLT to win in NZ since ATHLETICA won a Maiden sprint Awapuni on Sep 16, 2017 and only the 2nd since EXCALIBUR on December 17, 2016 (subsequently gelded)
  13. My apologies to teammate Rusty that I did not include two BBs in my tips ...was offline after poting for the day and dint see Maria's reminder. Would love to say that bostonian would've been one of them but dont want to ruin my reputation too quickly. LOL
  14. PAIR 12 ...THE RUSTY WEASEL ...!! AND GOOD LUCK TO BOTH WHO SAIL IN HER... 1. R5 Arawa Park 2.24pm : 4, 11 2. R1 Morphettville 2.41pm : 1,2 3. R3 Caulfield 3.05pm : 2,4 4. R7 Arawa Park 3.34pm : 8, 9 5. R5 Doomben 3.50pm (Quinella Race) : 1, 3 6. R6 Doomben 4.30pm : 14,15 7. R6 Caulfield 5.00pm : 1,13 8. R6 Scone 5.25pm : 1,3 9. R8 Doomben 5.50pm : 5,8 10. R7 Morphettville 6.36pm : 3, 10
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    Marsh starting $600k colt at Caulfield...

    I think the tempting thing is for Marsh/Johnson to be set up in Sydney before Xmas...only query is Danielle's fitness..there is no room in Sydney for half-fit/out of nick/unknown jocks, esp from NZ..so maybe after next summer...
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    David Ellis decides to speak out....

    Within the next fortnight there will be a pre-Budget announcement from Min Win which will answer some of these questions. And if it's another of those 'kick the can down the road' announcements with no $$ injection for prizemoney that is sustainable,, and no heads rolling at NZRB...we may as well give up.
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    Show some guts Scooby

    I cannot believe the childish, vindictive, trivial nonsense going on here. Grow up!
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    George Simon

    spot on, Teddy!
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    George Simon

    very harsh and unjustified. Tried it yourself?
  20. 1. Eagle Farm R5 3.08pm : 2 2. Te Rapa R7 3.28pm : 5 BB 3. Te Rapa R8 4.03pm : 11 BB 4. Caulfield R5 4.30pm (BONUS RACE) : 9 5. Hawkesbury R6 4.50pm : 11 6. Eagle Farm R8 5.02pm (BONUS RACE) : 7 7. Hawkesbury R7 5.30pm : 1 8. Eagle Farm R9 5.42pm : 1 9. Hawkesbury R8 6.10pm (BONUS RACE) : 4 10. Caulfield R8 6.30pm : 1
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    True Story...almost.

    Ista Kereem -2009
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    Melody Belle- 3 mio not enough- Really

    My understanding is that VSB is in Oz in the care of Rosemont. There was talk of him coming back to NZ to race here, but they may see no sense in that. Retired to a green place somewhere?