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  1. even against innocent men like Joe Parker How do you know he is innnocent? He remains innocent in the eyes of the law (and reasonable people) until proven guilty.. He has been charged with a crime - as has, for instance, Manu Vatuvei, and until that charge is withdrawn by the Police (on behalf of the Crown), we should all keep a open mind. The public is entitled to know who has been charged - but if a Judge orders ongoing name suppression there had better be a good reason for it - in the Millane case it was because other serious charges were oending, - knowledge of which may have jeopa
  2. well if Princess Coup fetched $3.8M in 2009 with a career record of 12 wins from 33 (4 x Grp 1s when our richest Grp 1 was worth $2M) and Stakes of NZ $4.2M .. Melody Belle 12 years later roughly the same total stakes but 14 Grp 1s .. As for what mark Melody Belle could reach, Bowditch did not want to put a ceiling on her price. “I don’t think a mare like her has ever been offered at auction before, and definitely not in this part of the world, who has won as many Group 1s as she has,” Bowditch said. “Everyone will have a figure in their head as to what a mare like her is wor
  3. who would share in decision making by way of democratic vote you gotta be joking TM ..the vast majority of MB's 'owners' would have NEVER had a say about where, when, or in what company she races. They'd have just sat back ad enjoyed the ride and/or turned up to the races to see it unfold. Yes, there's a hit of Greed about the final campaign, esp if her feet are not right, but she is a fighter and on the right day could possibly win her finale. I am one who thinks she has cried 'enough' and she should have been retired after that fabulous win over Avantage at Ellerslie in March/ IMO she
  4. Fair enough. A 'modest campaign', I assume, is one that gathers no/little publicity or traction so I look forward to seeing the SST dominating the headlines in the next few weeks/months, with much to be made of the 'little guy' taking one (or more) for the team in the name of Justice.
  5. Most reasonable people would agree that the law is (sometimes) an ass - and the way that the law is applied by the judiciary is (sometimes) appallingly bad. However, the fact that Leo sometimes takes one for the team does not mean that he can break the law with impunity. What I would like to see is evidence that the law-breaking act (for which he has bee convicted) was part of a campaign to change the law for good ie the betterment of society, a more just/fair system. And what, if anything, is Leo doing to expedite this law change post-conviction? Given his own assessment that he has 'a
  6. Any person seriously concerned with changing the 'name suppression' law(s) in NZ would have adopted different tactics than merely thumbing his nose at it by knowingly breaking the law. IMO Leo just got caught out and was made an example of -fairly or not. Can't say I've seen any evidence of him attempting to effect changes in the 'name suppression' laws IMO Leo 'called out' the system and got.whacked over the head by it for his trouble. Lucky to avoid a jail sentence.
  7. Te Rapa Race 7 – 9,10 Te Rapa Race 8 – 5,12 Riccarton Race 6 – 1.8 Riccarton Race 8 – 9.10 Morphetville Race 7 – 6,11 Gold Coast Race 2 – 4,6 Gold Coast Race 3 – 3,6 Gold Coast Race 4 – 1,11 Gold Coast Race 5 – 4,7 Gold Coast Race 6 – 2,6 Gold Coast Race 7 – 6.13 Gold Coast Race 8 – 3,11 Gold Coast Race 9 – 14,17 many thanks
  8. Typical response from a fantasist.
  9. Leo could do it with his 350hrs of community service ??
  10. LOL. Team Trump couldnt take down their own names, let alone the American flag, let alone the Capitol Building, let alone the Central Bank.
  11. perhaps he was singled out on reputation for being a publicity-seeking stirrer.
  12. Exactly,, Blue. The stupidity of this 'incident'' even happening during a race beggars belief. were the two blokes 'on debut' and complete idiots? Were they supposed to have supervision? If so, where was it? And, just as important, if not more so, why did Trackside's Bosson/Guerin not ask the tough questions when give the opportunity?
  13. spot on Huey. Deflecting blame...A CEO should accept that the buck stops with him. A good journo would be onnn this case asking interesting questions about the 'process' ...what training was given or required .