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  1. pardon? The 'result' ends 31 Jan 2020 which has nothing to do with the 'climate we're in'.
  2. Romancer's run a real head scratcher. Anything in the Steward's report?? Seemed to have every chance..only thing I can think of is that maybe eeds longer between races
  3. really? i remember a Jap bred horse coming from the clouds and the grandstand fence to beat the rails-hugging Rising Romance in a Caulfield Cup
  4. In another state of the USA there once lived a cousin of Henry Newton, one Mr Kennneth Pharr, whose father met and married a Chinese woman, Miss Ah-so, while working on building the Rocky Mountain railroad. They named a railroad tunnel after their first-born - Pharr, Ken Ah-so.
  6. totally agree mate ..i was just encouraging you to keep looking on the brighter side of this crisis ... eg over the last two months I' haven't had to listen to the constant repetitious drone of Peter 'Ah..There' Earley ...now I'll be spared the nasal twang and lazy diction of Greg O'Connor. Small comforts, really. Maybe someone is clever enough to crank up a privately-owned Racing Radio Channel in our brave new world
  7. RITA was needing a bail out regardless of Covid19. In fact considering RITA had to pay no stakes I would have a guess that RITA's cashflow held up not to bad during April. So...where are the figures of Income/Expenditure since RITA took over running the show? Surely the Half-Yearly Report covering Aug 2019 -Jan 2020 (pre-Covid) would shine some light on this, but there is no sign of this Report, already two months overdue
  8. more positivity is such a good idea...mebbe next on your list is anew moniker eg No More Doom LOL
  9. In our brave new post-Covid world, could we partially solve our pathetic 'TAB Fixed Odds/bookies' problem by allowing bookmakers on-course and licensing overseas bookies to compete with or replace the TAB?
  10. NO Greg A professional outfit would have take the time to acknowledge receipt of the proposal from a genuine stakeholder
  11. That means that either we've got the rudest most unprofessional mob running racing, or we have a meltdown on our hands. OR BOTH 3
  12. gone gone to Hong Kong ..shame he was scratched from the last at Flem two Sats ago..had invested early at 14-1
  13. agree, mate ...he has been hugely disappointing for too long now for mine. Thought he was Grp 1 quality a while back
  14. Nonsense. Not the end for Nats at all. Labour was regarded as 'history' in the Shearer/Cunliffe days..not all that long ago! A week is a long time in politics. Jacinda is blotting her copybook by not going to Level 1 soon enough and when unemployment stats hit the fan and winter miseries kick in, things will improve for National.
  15. I'd pay for the Mute button when he is on ...