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  1. $2 on the NZ TAB ...you got $1.60 and went through misery in the call.. but it doesn't matter how they win, as long as they win! Well done...are you doubling sown on Mandela the 'potential superstar' Saturday, now that he's learned more of what's required in a race??
  2. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    TOPLINERS ...???
  3. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    not discredting your comment overall JJF, but it made me check last year's results from Taupo meeting ...no top-liners came through that day that I can recognise ...
  4. weasel57

    Name for my horse please.

    haven't been in there ..will make a point of doing so on next trip over that way (this Friday)
  5. weasel57

    Couch TV Presenters, here’s your chance

    I see RITA hasn't got around to eliminating NZRB from the lingo/culture yet.
  6. yes, best wishes...from a female family of classy stayers, so perhaps the best yet to come...i see offered as 'racing and breeding proposition, so wonder where she is off to!
  7. understood, p4p, but you have hardly helped your 'good mate' by mentioning his first name (not done by Kingshill) , his nickname (ditto) and posting a photo of him (ditto). Give yourself an uppercut!
  8. I didn't detect anything slanderous in the comment ...there was a question about the identity of an R. Lawson listed in the ownership.
  9. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    Foxbridge Plate result should be viewed like a trial ...so many of the topliners were fresh up and/or running over less than best trip...add the weather on the day and crap track and wide draws v inside draws etc etc..it was hardly a 'defining moment' in the careers of these classy types. After all it's a Group 2 in the winter, not a Group 1 ... I think TAS is our best chance in Oz in the Spring, can win Epsom with light weight and right run.. could even be competitive in Cox Plate or at Flemington if he stays sound. Still quite an inexperienced racehorse. Sentimental Miss was the other black booker for mine... pref beyond a mile ...Livamol looks ideal target for her.
  10. weasel57

    Talk about a load of bollocks....

    Shergar??..sorry, couldnt help myself...
  11. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    at her peak Malambo might be competitive for 4th/5th - but a half-fit Melocy Belle should finish ahead of her and TAS should kick them all if he still has that turn of foot we saw in the Coupland. My intelligent and credible guess for finishing order 1 TAS 2 MB 3 HB /ED/ SM/AP/MAL
  12. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    HB is indeed a decent winter galloper already ..but is he limited to being only a decent winter galloper - I doubt he'd be going to HK if so - I don't think TAS will be bothered by 'Te Rapa heavy' -already won there in heavy ground over 1100m as a 3yo ...his only defeat came on a Good3 in the 2000 Guineas .For me the big query is whether or not (after the injury) TAS can still produce that freakish acceleration we saw last year. If he can, and does, it's game over for all of them in the Foxbridge (and probably a lot in Ozzie, too). Should be a great race tomorrow.
  13. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    and the forecast is . 90% chance of rain...likely to be heavy by race time which is more likely to suit the swimmers ...??? hamilton weather forecast - Google Search.html
  14. weasel57

    Helena Baby

    Just to refresh p4p's memory on an event he'd clearly love to forget .. Pre-race comments included: If I’m wrong I won’t care ( there’s about a 0.007 % chance I’ll be wrong ). Actually I’m exaggerating, there’s no chance I’ll be wrong. Post-race comments saw that minuscule %-age reduced even further to: Aaaaaahhhhhhh........I knew there was a 0.00000007% chance I'd be wrong Mercifully, this appalling state of affairs was followed in reasonable time by a written apology for being r-r-r-ong ... hallelujah for that. As for Helena Baby's chances tomorrow? I'd say very very good ...he handles bad ground, has the intimidation factor, ability and will to win, confidence is up, and most of all .. HB is rock-hard fit, which is unlikely to be the case for either of the Te Akau runners, both of whom have much bigger assignments in the next 2-3 months.
  15. Here's an offer from Classic Bet ...one for CT to seriously consider since he thinks she is uneatable and has laready got $1k on the nose at $1.75...here's some easy money for you, mate ... The Lay of the Day for this week is Mystic Journey in race 8 at Caulfield for $2.20 and once again the chance to win bonus bets is back! If you do back Mystic Journey and it comes in first, you obviously win the bet, and we’ll also give you bonus bets to match the value of your original stake up to $200. First 1,000 punters only, so get your bets in now to avoid missing out!