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  1. weasel57

    All Stars Mile

    The fundamental difference between a SUCCESSFUL racing model (AUS) and a FAILING one (NZ) is the attitude of politicians and subsequent attitude of Government In AUS, their politicians at federal and state level FULLY SUPPORT the thoroughbred industry in almost every respect. It helps them win votes!! In NZ, politicians of all parties are indifferent and/or ineffectual at securing funds to drive the industry forward (why bother, when the 'sport of kings' isn't viewed by Mr and Mrs Joe Citizen as worthy of Govt investment). And in AUS betting is in their DNA while in NZ betting on horses is seen as SINFUL, WASTE OF MONEY, CORRUPT and ATTRACTS CRIMINALS. (That's why it is regulated by a Government-owned monopoly called TAB which even controls a BOOKMAKING unit that offers lily-livered odds and refuses to take big bets from punters who 'win too much or too often'.) In NZ the industry has been allowed to decline by failure to invest in the essential infrastructure to operate an attractive product (eg tracks. grandstands) and resources (esp people).In AUS people at the coalface can make a very good living from racing and breeding industries. Their money-go-round model works. In NZ we fail to address the big picture issues, despite having some of the highest quality products' (ie horses - as per p4p's original comment on this thread!) and skilled people (breeders, trainers, jockeys, horsemen and women) in the world. Our last chance is RITA.
  2. weasel57


    So what makes the 'best in the business'? Twasn't a business anyway, twas enthusiasts volunteering their time, energy, skill and intelligence JUST TO GIVE SOME FUN TO ALL THE OTHERS. Many members on this site and other sites appreciate ALL the people who run comps - from Punters Clubs to Super Comps to Losers Getting Laid , short term and log term formats. Thanks to all of them. If you're having trouble getting Comps on this site at present, perhaps it's because previous organisers havent been shown enough respect.
  3. weasel57

    RIP Burgundy

    thats what i thought when Tavistock was injured following demise of Roaring Lion. The Lindsays deserve a change of luck.
  4. weasel57


    Guess who? “She will definitely be at the races at Ellerslie over Christmas and New Year. Which ones we don’t know yet.
  5. weasel57


    BP will probably pick the card on Wednesday at Rotorua yep, after all those scratchings shouldnt be too tuff
  6. weasel57


    very pleased for the horse and connections, BUT I think she should be given a rest now in order to be primed for the longer races on softer tracks in the autumn.
  7. weasel57


    I note that another sibling won recently in Oz ...The Stylist
  8. weasel57

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    the backlash will e felt at the next election, just like in 2008 when Winston adopted the Segreant Schultz approach over electoral donations/ Spenser Trust - voters will not forget when it comes to the ballot in 2020. Fascinatingly, the BIG question is, who will break their ties first - Labour from NZ First, or NZ First from Labour. If Jacinda and her tax-obsessed, Nanny-State obsessed party had performed moderatley well on domestic patters in the last 12 months, a snap election would be a fine idea. She won't do it, of course, because the polls aren't strongly enough in Labour's favour.
  9. weasel57

    Matt Cross

    bit harsh, Rusty, Matt's just getting started. Whereas T. Lee still prattling on with his "waaaaaaayy too good" / "swing and go" /after 20 years or more is definitely mind-numbing and truly worthy of the mute button. As for the pathetic in-jokes with his sidekick Bevans Weeny, it's enuf to make you throw up.
  10. Seem to recall he was hyped quite a lot after placing in the NZ Cup last Spring and winning the HB Cup in April; went to Victoria where he was disappointing despite a placing at Caulfield. Still, the horse is lightly raced and relatively young, so mebbe he will harden up with age - and race more like a Dee and Gee or Kaharau! somehow I think that's unlikely - perhaps he's just got a weak attitude, and perhaps he's just not at his best over the extreme trip...2000-2400m more his go?
  11. both...gutsy run with that big weight over 3200m
  12. Anyone from the Felaar Fan Club (probaly about to go into recess) prepared to admit that this horse can now be officially re-rated as an Over-Hyped Donkey. Or will we be hearing more excuses for anpther underwhelming two-mile performance?? All credit to the winner, extremely brave and tenacious stayer.
  13. weasel57

    Matt Cross

    By the end of today, Matt Cross will have called about 72 races in 8 days. He is an exceptional talent. Every caller makes mistakes, I don't think Matt has fluffed anything important this week - and even if he does, we should all recognise that race calling is an art, a demanding one done under pressure of immediacy and public expectation. Not many people are prepared to try it, let alone make a career of it. Best wishes to him, he will become one pf the best, and probably go on to a international career.
  14. weasel57

    Matt Cross

    i guess that's reasonable value all round $30 for about 5 minutes ... LOLOLOLOL
  15. weasel57

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Maybe religion is another hoax ...?? What's with the maybe??