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  1. big win, indeed ...but midweek on a wet track at Matamata isn't enough for me to get too carried away. Plenty have done that before and gone on to ...not much. If CB wins effortlessly at, say, Ellerslie, on a Saturday in October, I may have to change my mind!
  2. is she Julie's sister LOL
  3. It is ot about making money..it is about keeping a group of log-time mates together when they were losing touch. Big ups to them all!
  4. The "best" ie worst is .. Raced well at latest jumps assignment (and minor variations on that wording) repeated for several horses in the same race.
  5. his security detail need masks, probably guns as well, and will eed to practice their social distacig...speakig of which, how do you arrest anyone trying to 'get at' the horse without physical contact? A blowpipe from 40 paces? Crossbow? A cuppa tea, Putin-style?
  6. Well CT youve gone v quiet, reckon you'da been all over this site if ' your little sweetheart 'Betty' had done the business. I havent read a post-race report but wouldnt be surprised to learn there's a 'issue' with her that explains why she's a shadow of her former self. //a mystery virus, perhaps has been affecting her breathing, and/or a wind op required? Who knows..call the chiropractor or the horse whisperer for her. Might be a good idea to avoid all these Group1s now and try something easier - a lot easier.
  7. I just love these post-race excuse-makers! If 'Billy' pushed her wide to go forward why not keep the hammer down when the pace slackened rather than ask her to sprint twice? Fact is, CT, you were 'bullish' pre-race despite the wide draw and she let you down. It happens - and I. for one dont think she's 'history' just yet - but as mentioned earlier, many top class fillies don't reach the dizzy heights as an older horse, or at least have an 'off season' as a 4yo . (Couple of Kiwi mares of recent years are examples, Savvy Coup and La Diosa were shadows of themselves as 4yos.) It's all part of the beauty and mystery of racehorse growing/maturing at different speeds and taking on the very best older horses. No one would mind having a slice of her $3.5m earnings though! And she's worth a bomb as a broodmare. Happy days!
  8. couldnt you hide in the boot of someone with an exemption?Better still, how come this major evennt i the History of NZ Law is unable to be postponed util it can get the attention P4P it deserves. Appalling that the TV cameras will be pointing down souf on this momentous day! Come on, P4P, haven't you been able to come up with some Covid-related excuse to justify a deferral of Judgment Day?
  9. yep, TUNCS is a hard word to say
  10. Hurdle or Steeple? I remember a horse called KANAWINA winning the GN Hurdle at Flemingtonn, not sure if '81 or not but think so.
  11. the name PATRONE rings a bell in my head...tell me more!
  12. Empire Rose Van der Hum Kiwi Horlicks Bonecrusher
  13. firstly, the offence is considered too serious Who is eligible for diversion? Certain types of offending are considered too serious to be eligible for diversion. What is serious is generally determined on the merits of each case. Different types of offences have different aggravating and mitigating factors about them that might make them ineligible for diversion. For example, previous traffic offending and/or current demerits might prevent an offender from receiving diversion for a careless driving offence. Alternatively a clean driving record would greatly improve the chance of getting diversion. Some categories of offences are serious enough in nature to generally be considered not appropriate for diversion, including: burglary or dishonesty offences (in most circumstances) violent offences including family violence offences (in most circumstances) sexual offences or offences with sexual overtones serious drug offences traffic offences which carry a mandatory minimum disqualification offences for breaching a court order
  14. photo reversed (mirror image)? The pic earlier of jockey 'Goldfinch' has the handwriting reversed ...