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  1. 1st=18 Ashrun 2nd=13 Surprise Baby 3rd=1Anthony van Dyck Last=10 Dashing Willoughby
  2. I'm no expert but I think VE is a big chance Tuesday. Classy multiple Grp 1 winner,, well weighted, in-form, handles all tracks (rain no problem) and has the 'will to win' written all over her, if you watch the Caulfield Cup replay the last 50m she had every right to cough it up but dug deep. Could she possibly be another Maybe Diva in the making? Capable of winning over 1600m-2000m at wfa early in a prep and just gets better and better.. The thing I like most aout her is the ability to put in a very fast 200m sectional -that destructive 'turn of foot' that we saw in the CC. If she can 'go to
  3. Have to say this year's Cox Plate is underwhelming. Would have preferred to see Verry Ellegant tackle this race rather than Caulfield Cup. Her turn of foot and ability to make ground while cornering would have been dynamite at MV.
  4. how about giving some credit to VE for that incredible turn of foot to get to the front and sheer guts to hold out a big strong challenger
  5. yes, and all of them display more personal courage (not to mention understanding, affection for and appreciation of horses), than the 'animal welfare' loonies
  6. are the onion and potato growers allowed to water their land? Surely irrigatio of a racetrack when necessary should be OK ...sue the Council for unfair restraint of trade!
  7. H. Munroe-Brown.
  8. that can be the name of your next horse, Roger!
  9. best we've seen in many moons, since Sunline perhaps.. Having said that, the real revelation of the Spring so far has been Callsign Mav. Overall, the quality of our wfa gallopers is a concern. I hope Avantage cuts the mustard if taken to Oz.
  10. interesting that Govt is ow talking about targeting 'hot spot' countries and making it harder for NZ to receive people from them....DUH!!! Further proof hat Labour/NZF are poor managers of the most important part of Covid management - keeping the border safe. Mistake after mistake after mistake..and now they're twigging to the threat from places like INDIA
  11. so the Greens will say goodbye to Lotto? Is that policy in the Green Manifesto? Greens = woke idealist hypocrites (usually)
  12. bloody good question Baz...thought I was the only one who'd noticed that in the noms
  13. well a labour/green coalition is one ightmarish scenario looming real enough now to push a lot of Centre/Right voters towards a NAT/ACT. Mr Seymour is one of just a few politicians talking un-common sense in this campaign. Perhaps he will be the 'handbrake' for Judith and Co.
  14. He deserves to be gone...its 2008 all over again ...donations scandal caused perhaps by manic compulsion to bend or break the rules. Spencer Trust morphed into a different entity/mechanism to achieve the same result. No sympathy from me for NZF, who only ever looked after their rIch mates in the racing game while allowing the salt-of-the-earth workers at the coalface to struggle to make a dollar and the scandalous largesse of the TAB/NZTR management structure to literally send the industry broke.
  15. all Winston has done is help his rich breeder mates, the ones who had over donations and fly him around in helicopters. It has taken way too long to restructure Racing in NZ to a sustainable model and the people at the coalface still suffer while the rich get richer and the disgusting mismanagement continues.