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  1. weasel57

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    NZ has something like 170 ICU beds ... can you imagine what happens if the number of Covid cases spirals like, say, in Italy. HEALTH WORKERS testing the sick get sick. not enough oxygen and/or ventilator pumps. And in the meantime we need to manage who gets tested because right ow we dont have the KITS to test large numbers of symptomatic people if community transmission is proven. All we have done so far with these drastic measures is buy time for our health system - time to acquire the equipment and establish facilities/processes and communicate knowledge to the populace -because it's very likely that Covid will be already in the community. Let's hope I am wrong. If we can keep learning from successful countries - like Singapore,Taiwan - the impact of Covid will be more manageable than it will be for,,say USA. However, the economic impact for us all is likely to be worse than the virus.
  2. weasel57


    11th, 7th and 9th respectively not a particularly encouraging ROI
  3. weasel57


    The industry is already preparing for racedays without the public, so I dont think they will be promoting on-course attendance...however, watching Trackside TV with your face mask, oxygen pump and a beer nearby is another matter.
  4. weasel57

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    Arrant nonsense. AB is a superior three year old (and has proved it)who has been up for too long and wasnt up to beating the older horses on the day. Was always going to be vulnerable in that classy big field esp from a wide draw. He needs a good spell and will be back in the spring I hope for VRC carnival.
  5. weasel57

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    no..unless you suspend all contact sports
  6. weasel57

    Lady Byron a huge run

    Levante was the Ru of the Season. Should have won by a distance on a day that favoured on-pace runners.
  7. Saw Levante win at Te Aroha. Shie is exceptional. should kill this field ...but now that CT knows about her, he'll probably get on the bandwagon and stuff her up for good...LOL
  8. weasel57

    Auckland Cup

    Dragon Storm would go well i the Jericho...bred to run 4 miles and a bit one-paced.
  9. weasel57

    Cooper 38a

    100k? And the rest!
  10. weasel57


    meanwhile 3 horses by Fastnet Rock win at Ellerslie (incl the Derby) ...and one by Denman
  11. weasel57

    Has T. Lee had a stroke??....

    CT.. maybe it would be easier for everyoe to move o if you simply apologided for the two accusationn(s) and had as think about how to phrase your enquiries in future. eg Is it just me or did T Lee's call of the HB feature sound a bit strange? MM
  12. weasel57

    Has T. Lee had a stroke??....

    is she a half tto Melody Belle? And if it wea a 1200m event p'rpaps 1:10:93
  13. weasel57

    Has T. Lee had a stroke??....

    nothing slurred about the race call imo...though T Lee is hardly the best caller in NZ..among the worst in fact ...if you think his words are slurred it any stem from some 'mushy esses' ..perhaps dental plates?? causing that ..none of the Kiwi callers can hold a candle to the likes of Matt Hill..a true professional who never gets carried away with his own 'importance' and gets through the field efficiently, while still communicating the nuances of the race tactics/excitement etc
  14. weasel57

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    1) only just arrived in Oz 2_ covered more ground 3 gave weight to the winner 4 not best distance 5 not at peak fitness counting down to the moment of truth Flemington 1600m, third-up. Whatever he draws ...no excuses MM
  15. weasel57

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    why on earth would Catalyst be 'blocked in' from the inside draw? He has the speed to lead if desired.