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  1. i am very pleased that you know him,i am very proud of you.
  2. and also say that Henry Plumtre is the best thing since sliced bread.
  3. Take a lot of industrial plastic to cover the 2400 meters at riccarton, is this guy for real?.
  4. Love the goat, He has a bit of a cult following over here as he seems to race a lot on the thursdays when myself and a few of my mates catch up for a beer .All the guys say what time is the goat in.I have never backed a greyhound in my life,but a few of the guys back the goat every start,they reckon they are well in front.
  5. I thought parker was very very average his last fight.Cannot see him improving much either.
  6. I find that a very strange comment,there was only one Lester Piggott. JM is certainly a superstar, but i not rate him as good as Lester Piggott.
  7. Probaly Dave Kerr with Canterbury Belle in brisbane
  8. thanks for your reply ,appreciate that.
  9. What happened to this guy,I used to like having a bet on his drives as he could get them up at pretty decent odds,he doesn't seem to get many drives now days.
  10. It was supposed to read best practice manager.
  11. i beleive it is the only sport in the world where a ambulance follows the participants around,so just shows how dangerous the sport can be.