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  1. You are using domestic ratings for your exercise Berri - ratings used for the purpose of rating black type races are completely different. see point 9 from the Executive Summary of the 20/21 Pattern Committee report 9. The race rating is determined by the peak World Best Racehorse Ranking (WBRR) that season for the average of the first four finishers in the race. Note that the WBRR has no relationship with the points-based domestic NZ handicap rating and the two measures should not be confused. Aegon's final rating at the end of 20-21 was 115. Both Melody Belle & Avantage
  2. Pretty easy to look at 1 year in isolation Berri and start a panic. Yes the 2022 figures are low but if you look back over the last 8 years there have only been 2 where the NZ-purchased average was higher than the sale average (when you take the obvious big price purchases made by NZ agents for Aus clients). Only last year we made up 8.44% of the purchases and the spend was $10.3 million out of a sale turnover of $142 million. No doubt questions should be asked of purchasers from previous years and of our major studs around their recent buying strategies and we may get a clearer picture - or i
  3. Rosehill Race 4 - #5 Sword Point Rosehill Race 6 - #11 Our Playboy
  4. Paul Sugden's first winner - Doncast Not Sure by Oakville. had a habit of running home late for second - one of the first I strapped - pretty sure owned by Peter Rogers
  5. changing to SW & P hasn't worked for a number of former handicaps
  6. Set weights & penalties Berri
  7. and Charlie you missed my one of my favourites - big old Finton, a son of Ruddington. I remember one morning riding him and leading 1 each side to the track from the Pekerau stables and as we passed the Park Lodge motel on the main road their telephone bell on the outside of the motel rang, extremely loud, and Finton jumped 10 feet sideways, right in to the middle of the road. Thank goodness nothing was coming although I think I may have slightly shit my pants!!!!
  8. Grizzly won the George Adams (Tatt's) at the Ellerslie summer carnival - now the Rich Hill Mile
  9. Nadeem 5.9 Zed 5.3 Alamosa 5.1 Ocean Park 5.0
  10. agent for NZB in Aus - based in Melbourne
  11. no...I want you to tell me which 2 are now using either Paxlovid or the Pfizer pill
  12. you didn't seem to have a problem veering away from the topic until your "facts" were proven to not be correct........
  13. which would surely be 2018/19....and the number there was 34,000........that's the problem with you head wearers of tinfoil...you seem to prefer "alternative facts" to the real ones