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  1. drewandjo

    Why not Racing ?

    .... at least Boris recognised his mistake and apologised while changing direction..
  2. drewandjo

    Why not Racing ?

    my god...has the virus completely overcome your sense of logic and reasoning......yeah she has banned "our lives and jobs, our investments and the economy" on a whim cos she hasn't got anything else to do calling some of you people morons is being too kind
  3. drewandjo

    Why not Racing ?

    more moronic ravings
  4. drewandjo

    Why not Racing ?

    moron.....the government NEVER announced The Warehouse could stay open and in fact the Prime Minister has just confirmed they are not an essential service. Before you open your gobhole how about thinking first
  5. drewandjo

    Super kid

    died in August 2019...sired 68 live foals over 9 seasons
  6. drewandjo

    Oh what a mess we're in

    2017...over 3,500 2018....3655 2019...3575 am cautiously optimistic there were enough believable and thoughtfully put together submissions to see significant changes to the original bill......and am sure all cafers will back your candidacy for the TAB Board Berri......except maybe the nutters who post on here - to them the industry is done
  7. drewandjo

    Oh what a mess we're in

    we haven't
  8. drewandjo

    Roger That

    am backing a Mullins runner in the Champion Bumper tonight...but not one of Willies
  9. was very impressive first up....I'll be going again
  10. drewandjo

    select committee

    Jamie Lee-Ross didn't participate in the select committee process - his vote goes to NZ First. McKelvie, Bayly & Molen were the Nat MPs, Logie from the Greens & Eagle, Strange/Russell & Huo from Labour & Darroch Ball (chair), NZ First were the committee members I appeared before I do believe there will be significant changes to the first version of the bill
  11. drewandjo

    Cut salaries,,,NOW !!

    I think you will find thats the Qantas chief.....for the rest of the financial year
  12. drewandjo

    Roger That

    I understand the concept of bumpers and NH Flat Races and the type of horse that are bred to run in them......True Self's sire Oscar has sired nearly 700 winners and she is is only official black type winner Naas last Sunday was yielding to soft and one of Joseph O'Brien's took 3.52 to run a 30 yards short of 2 miles. So yeah definitely different conditions than a summers day at Ellerslie. My point was that while it may not have seemed a quality field they still ran the fastest time in 10 years and only the second edition to break 3.20 in over 20 years.
  13. drewandjo

    Roger That

    I think True Self proved herself more than Bumper quality prior to coming down this way...she was a 3 time Listed winner and Group 3 placed. My comment wasn't on the quality of the Auckland Cup - we all know the quality of staying races are not what they used to be - but to say they "would be lucky to be competitive in a bumper" stretches the truth a bit when most 2 mile bumpers in GB & Ireland take around 4 minutes to run.
  14. drewandjo

    Roger That

    not many bumpers run under 3.20 for the 2 miles...more likely 4.20
  15. drewandjo

    Trackside in UK?

    I used it in Melbourne last Saturday