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  1. drewandjo


    what - you think the Racing Bill already passed and the current one going through the select committee would have happened without him?
  2. drewandjo

    Southland Saturday

    this is the bit I don't understand
  3. drewandjo

    Southland Saturday

    don't understand your logic - the Southland Guineas is a Listed race as well...
  4. drewandjo

    Racing Reform

    here we go.....
  5. drewandjo

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    first run in 1986 as the Cambridge Stud Sir Tristram Fillies Classic, the Cambridge Stud part being the sponsor name and the Sir Tristram Fillies Classic the registered racename. run at the Labour Day meeting for the first 3 years and then switched to February. Was a Listed race until 1993 when promoted to Group 3, upgraded the following year to Group 2.
  6. drewandjo

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    YOU'RE still a moron
  7. drewandjo

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    don't you mean...YOU'RE a class act....
  8. drewandjo

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    so why are you pushing your ridiculous opinions in this RACING forum...….f##k off to fairyland where you belong
  9. drewandjo

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    the registered name of the race is the Sir Tristram Fillies Classic and until that changes that is what we will see in sale catalogues...….have you ever seen Colgate Optic White in one?
  10. drewandjo

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    or maybe base your opinions on 22 other MIT scientists who disagree with Lindzen….he's another hoaxer
  11. drewandjo

    The beginning of the end

    he'll continue to make a good Opposition Spokesman then
  12. drewandjo

    Stakes Allocation

    the Pattern Committee actually doesn't say the above. The exact quote is "Given these circumstances (and the circumstances were a) this years edition rated 110.25 which followed the previous years edition being run on a wet track which contributed to its rating of 108.5, b) the top 4 starters did average an acceptable 114 with Danzdanzdance running 5th, c) Lizzie lÁmour & Madison County were scratching although no race can be rated on horses that may have started, and d) the race has surpassed the tolerance threshold in the previous 5 seasons) and the significant $400,000 prizemoney, the NZPC would be most reluctant to see this race downgraded...…. the race has historically rated extremely well and winners in the last 10 years include exceptional fillies in Katie Lee, Bonneval, King's Rose, Fix & Dijon Bleu
  13. drewandjo

    Stakes Allocation

    its registered name is the Sir Tristram Fillies Classic
  14. drewandjo

    do some bloody prep work

    Don't think T Lee made a deliberate mistake
  15. drewandjo

    Paying 4 places tab

    ignore them then and let others have some fun