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  1. drewandjo

    2019 New Season stallions final!

    Berri - those 2 races still 2 weeks apart as they were when U.S. Navy Flag won them but agree a tough task to do so - first horse since Diesis in 82 to do the double. Very well priced at $20,000.
  2. drewandjo

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    yeah I watched a few of them during the introduction of the bill last week.. obviously Brownlee (I can't remember the name of Wellingtons racecourse), Nathan Guy (the racing industry are the only people getting a tax cut this year), Nicki Kaye, Bennett all took your advice and sounded like backwards idiots doing it
  3. drewandjo

    2019 New Season stallions

    Jon Snow
  4. drewandjo

    Kranji mile Southern Legend

    I think B
  5. drewandjo

    Name for my horse please.

    Living Legend Fed the Goat (Federer the Greatest of all time) Roger Mirka
  6. drewandjo

    jnj'shorty' healey

    Holy Smoke's only black type winner was Holy Toledo however Kazakstaan was a little more successful - Caulfield Cup winner Taksan and Rawson Stakes winner Minuetto among his 7 black type winners. Interestingly his 7 BT winners came from his first 3 crops - he never sired another in his remaining 8 crops.
  7. drewandjo

    John Allen

    I see the former NZ Post chief John Allen was given a standing ovation by Waikato District Council staff when he spoke at a "January Team Up" day for all staff at Hampton Downs recently...….and here I was thinking he was spending all of his time sorting out the issues with the new website
  8. drewandjo

    Sales Washup

    my bad..I meant the last 4 years...and not ending at 2016 like you have - 2017 crop approx. 3471+ & 2018 estimated to be 3462 (and these 2 numbers come from Studbook as well) ....which looks to me actually like a small increase or at least nowhere like a 10-14% drop.....
  9. drewandjo

    Sales Washup

    A bit of fake news here Berri. The NZ foals crop has been pretty stable over the last 5 years with a less than 1.5% decrease in that time. Germany has 2 Group 1 races on notice out of the 7 it currently runs - interestingly all of the German Group 1's are run at 2000m or further, 5 of them at 2400m. Their problem is that they have a high number of black type races to races (over 7%) when the average of countries in Part 1 of the Bluebook is around 5%. Spain has NEVER in recent times had an internationally recognised Group race never mind a Group 1. Italy, well we all now know what letting Governments hold the purse strings does for a racing industry. Italy's woes can be solely directed at the fact that owners, trainers & breeders weren't getting paid prizemoney for periods of 6 months or longer - it is no wonder the investment in the industry disappeared completely. Whoops, that does sound a bit familiar. And Ireland, Ireland seems to live in a world of it's own - 10.5% black type races to races and 6% Group races to races - most countries are 3% or less. however....the last 2 sentences of yours above should make us get off our arses and start to demand change
  10. drewandjo


    if he/she is so incredible why have they only got 28 horses and why are they in Gosford?