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  1. Has been a Group 2 since 1987 when it was upgraded from Group 3...think you will find that the stake has halved from last year due to Covid-19, like it has in most racing jurisdictions.
  2. Wrong again what - that you know anything about racing or are a troll. Reading the rubbish you output on here I'm convinced you're just friendless and a very sad person
  3. The ads are UNITE AGAINST COVID …...geez there are some lesser brains around
  4. Whaleoil crap....not worth the paper its not written on
  5. you've been wrong most of the year so it wouldn't be a surprise again
  6. but they aren't our competitor - we've just been promoting them at the front of the store near the till when they should be down the back with the cleaning products and racing should be sitting with the chocolates on the counter
  7. unfortunately I don't think you are - sports betting is the only thing driving growth within the TAB - racing turnover has been stagnant for donkeys.....
  8. and unfortunately I have heard from one of those 25% that it is the bottom tier who do all of the work who are getting shafted......and don't try listening to Radio Trackside in the future - might be dead air
  9. .... at least Boris recognised his mistake and apologised while changing direction..
  10. my god...has the virus completely overcome your sense of logic and reasoning......yeah she has banned "our lives and jobs, our investments and the economy" on a whim cos she hasn't got anything else to do calling some of you people morons is being too kind