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    Raceday Attendances

    Ellerslie had a loyalty card a few years ago but wiped it. They recommended we become members (then shut the course for nearly a year). Now the choice is easy, pay an entrance fee, get through security, be roped off from most areas, pay exorbitant food and drink prices, be blasted by static/music, OR stay at home with Wi-Fi, fridge and couch. Tough call!
  2. Neruda is right about some of the rides. Race 1 set the tone and it did not improve. After being closed for so long I thought the welcome mat would be out but we arrived at the door of the public lounge to find a “ Prvate Function - no entry” sign on the door. And half the front lawn fenced off too. I left by race 4 and next weeks private function will be staged in my lounge, with all facilities in operation.
  3. LastOf40

    Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    R2: Light Up the Room 6 R3: Bush Caviar 17 R4: The Amateur 2 R5: The Bostonian 1 R6: Coldstone 5 R7: Hopfgarten 1 R8: Champagne Cuddles 15 BB R9: Calanda 1 thnaks
  4. LastOf40

    Super Straddy Saturday Comp

    R3: 2. Assimilate R4: 5. Sedanzer R5: 6. Spieth ( BEST BET) R6: 12. Plumaro R7: 11. Lucky For All R8: 9. Moss Trip thanks
  5. R1: 9R2: 4R3: 5R4: 2, 12R5: 1R6: 5R7: 10R8: 1R9: 12, 5, 13 thanks
  6. LastOf40

    Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    Race 5 BRC Sires Produce #3 Zousain Race 6 Glenlogan Park #3 Ghisoni Race 7 Kingsford Smith #2 Le Romain Race 8 Queensland Oaks #3 Youngstar thanks
  7. Thanks PJ Commiserations Dark Horses, it was a tough day to be looking for winners. Even up until the end it could have swung either way. We all know what a roughie can do to a match. Captain Cubes is probably still sucking in the oxygen after holding his breathe for the last hour. Geoff
  8. yes Brian $21, $16, $106 winners.... I bet there are a few watching thinking "there but for the grace of a God go I"
  9. Happy to be in the final ? You betcha! Remember these ? ....... The Table after ROUND 6 1st 11 Five No Trumps* $7045.20 2nd 11 The Dark Horses* $6690.20 3rd 9 Mainly Dollarz* $6834.40 4th 9 Ad Augusta $6559.00 5th 9 The Royle Family $6152.00 6th 8 Betza Grand* $6656.20 7th 8 The Rubiks* $6285.60 8th 6 Lay Down Misere* $6280.60 The Table after ROUND 9 1st 18 The Dark Horses* $9680.60 2nd 17 The Royle Family $9295.00 3rd 16 Ad Augusta $9491.60 4th 15 Betza Grand $9187.60 5th 14 Mainly Dollarz $9705.20 6th 12 The Rubiks $9489.20 7th 11 Five No Trumps $8960.20 8th 9 Lay Down Misere $8823.00
  10. Hesi's selections: R1 1, 8 R2 6, 9 R3 1, 3 R4 7, 8 R5 1, 2 R6 2, 5 BB R7 1, 8 R8 5, 14 R9 1, 12 R10 1, 3 BB Good luck Rosina, a formidable opponent One last big effort Rubiks Thanks as always PJ ====================================================== LastOf40s hopefuls: R1: 1, 5 BB R2: 6, 7 R3: 9, 11 R4: 2, 8 R5: 2, 11 R6: 2, 5 R7: 1, 4 R8: 5, 14 R9: 1, 2 BB R10: 1, 10 Good luck Korio None of those roughies please. Thanks PJ for another few months of great entertainment. Geoff
  11. Only one match counts, and as we are in the final it can't have been the two previous matches in the Round Robin against the Dark Horses. All the pressure is on the Dark Horses, timed run, clean slate and all that....
  12. No worries Hesi. Is the "Lost" a pointer to the lay competition ?
  13. Tom, you have undergone a name change? It has taken a while to correlate the site names versus first names that PJ uses, and now you have thrown another curly in for the next comp. I had got used to Tom Turkey (Turny) to help remember. Things were looking a little dire at about R5 yesterday. We were -200 on 3 matches and looking at the head of a fairly large python. Then Roland produced one of those $91 winners that made Catalano's day and things swung from there. Sorry Cat, many of us have been there - often! Howie's "rooster to feather duster" quote sprung to mind. So we are happy to be in the final. Two weeks ago we were 5th and would have been happy to have got in the finals. So we are claiming major underdog status and hope Roland has another biggie hand grenade to toss in the Dark Horses direction next week. Rotorua & Morphetteville seem the ideal place for those I suspect Skelly is looking at Cubemeister's last race winner yesterday (again) and thinking.. (sensored). A big thanks to Howie for keeping us entertained yesterday. He was ever the optimist right up until the end. I am surprised a quick R11 was not added to the program yesterday. Geoff
  14. Is that what they call a freudian slip?
  15. Howie, which of Toms R6 - (2, 3) is scratched?
  16. R1: 11, 12 R2: 7, 8 BB R3: 2, 10 R4: 2, 9 R5: 2, 6 R6: 1, 3 R7: 7, 10 R8: 5, 7 BB R9: 3, 6 R10: 1, 9 Good luck Tom Thanks PJ
  17. And he has the same horse that will sink me and the Rubiks. You join the dots....
  18. R1: 4, 5 R2: 1, 2 R3: 2, 4 R4: 6, 7 R5: 6, 8 BB R6: 9, 10 BB R7: 3, 4 R8: 1, 5 R9: 2, 13 R10: 5, 6 Good luck Pete One of us is going to make it to the finish. Thanks PJ
  19. at least you made it to the straight. I am leaning over the rail at the end of the back straight.
  20. Ok PJ.... we really need to take a look at that dice!
  21. talking of which... any results from last week's Ad Augusta swab/enquiry ?
  22. R1: 3, 4 R2: 2, 5 BB R3: 4, 5 R4: 2, 7 R5: 1, 9 R6: 1, 6 R7: 2, 3 R8: 5, 10 BB R9: 6, 7 R10: 4, 7 Riccarton R3: 4, 7 R4: 4, 5 R5: 4, 8 R8: 6, 8 BB R9: 4, 9 Good luck TC Thanks PJ
  23. Well there goes any remote hope I had . The only time I missed both BB races was when Howie pointed that I got a good share of BB races. I wouldn't take any of my quinellas either now people. I bet TC is doing cartwheels as we speak! I like his logic on North v South except that apart from Tauranga racecourse the place I dislike the most is Pukekohe. It is the type of place that Basil Brush wins. And remember that day we were there and that horse whose name escapes me, with form of 21-0-0-0 won! (and never placed again). I am predicting a big Sir Castleton score for us this week. Still being positive, ALL the pressure is on TC this week and no one expects me to get close. Better go and look at the fields. I suppose Winx is not running down at Puke?
  24. Hi PJ, you had me scrambling for the dictionary to look up "erstwhile" and it says: "synonyms: former, old, past, one-time, sometime, as was, ex-, late" So has there been a coup in the Ad Augusta team? Was it for disciplinary reasons? Who is the new Captain? That would seem a bit tough after pulling off a 10 pointer. I know standards were high at Mt.Albert Grammar but that is taking it to the extreme! Secondly, I appear to have drawn The Crucible for the second time in this competition. Did you not receive my lucky fluffy dice in the mail? Geoff