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  1. lindsay carston

    What’s the go with Riverton

    How come only horses names at form trainer jockey barrier draw.hard to try to pick a winner with only a name to show.TAB format been a bulls up since day one
  2. lindsay carston

    Trackside Radio Ongoing Off Air issues

    Probably been asked and answered a hundred times but havnt been on for a while.can anyone tell me why I can no longer get radio trackside on the internet.Since the new tab format arrived I havnt been able to listen on my laptop.Also cant see races on laptop although can on my other computer but can no longer get radio trackside.
  3. lindsay carston

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Biggest balls up since Pearl Harbour
  4. lindsay carston

    New FOB and Shutdown

    trying to get connected to radio trackside as per normal on sat morning but says stream not working.anyone else?
  5. lindsay carston

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Pretty unlikely the idiot that invented this crap has ever had a bet.Maybe its just me but I cant work out how to have a bet.cant see the whole field with out scolling.been incouraged to have an easybet which I never take.Cant get live stream.bugger me.Can someone tell me what was wrong the original format.Oh I see its called progress
  6. lindsay carston

    Otaki Uh Oh!

    This problem has become a real bugbere in the last few years of tracks becoming slippy and races abandoned.Its certainly a lot more prevalent now than in "the old days" and better men than me must find an answer.I worked at Awapuni For 4 years back when Ivan lord was the track manager.In those days our watering system was a heap of plastic hoses joined together with metal bands that had to be tightened and undone with a screwdiver.Its was painstaking and Ivan would be out in the summer after dark moving the hoses around the track.As a jockey I remember Awapuni as one of the best surfaces to ride on and I cant remember a day of problems until some brightspark decided that clover was no good on the surface and made the track slippery.I always thought that was crap and still do.we always had a beautiful cushion of grass and it was always kept reasonably short.It was only when they changed the grasses that they use today that problems started.Trentham was another example of a fantastic surface to ride on in the spring and summer.plenty of thick green clover that provided a great cushion and kept a bit of moisture in the ground.Then we used to get off at the barrier.Light a smoke,Until Wally MckewenTold me off. and walk round with lovely green grass up to our ankles.Admittedly in winter it was mud up to our ankles but didn't change the fact the track was safe.In the years that followed someone stuffed up big time.Got rid of all clover,that has a bloody good root system and holds moisture longer than the stuff they use now.Interesting someone mentioned on facebook that with watering the root system may not go as deep looking for water,and that could be a valid point but I always believed clover was a good surface and stable with a good root system.Could be wrong.
  7. Just looked at my MSN News page and headline says Three more arrested in race fixing investegation.First sentence.Three people arrested as part of investegation in the Harness racing industry.Big photo beside headline.Jockey on a galloper.Bugger me Joe public will have a field day with this
  8. lindsay carston

    RIP A.N. Didham

    Knew a girl named Melanie Taylor who worked for Mick Didham in the 70s.Often wondered where she ended up.Anyone know?
  9. lindsay carston

    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Great bit of horsemanship by Aaron,great piece of training by Mark and a horse with a big heart. Wow
  10. lindsay carston

    James MacDonald

    James is back and watched his rides today and without doubt the best rider in this part of the world.Not knocking Hugh Bowman who is a great jockey but someone,Dont know who rated him the worlds best.I doubt he would have that accolade without Winks whom even I could win on.Chris Waller who is probably one of the best trainers in the world hasn't wasted time in getting James on and that paid divis today.My interest in Sydney racing is back
  11. lindsay carston

    J Mac Returns

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Goldolphin ask him back.He may have broken the rules but he did after all back one he was riding.Hardly a hanging offence and I think they were winning more when he was riding them.May be wrong.I don't think im wrong in thinking he is the best to have left our shores and it wont take him long to be kicking them home.
  12. lindsay carston

    Oh No!!! The Early Crow

    Feel a bit sorry for Tony but its only a matter of time.He will get his 1000 and good on him when he does.130 rides for one win doesn't look flash but I doubt weather Opie would have won on any of the camels Tonys been riding.I like the comment of Rogie giving him his 1000 because that's the sort of thing that would make Rogie very happy and the way his stable has been going he could easily give him a decent ride.Maybe Chris Waller could put him on Winks.Tony could proably win on her
  13. lindsay carston

    Tony Kaye

    Condolences to Peg,Vivian,Shannon Tracey and Tonys Wife and children.He will be sorely missed and much too young.RIP Tony
  14. lindsay carston

    Is Murray Baker taking the piss...??

    Murry Baker said what any trainer should have said under the circumstances.Had missed a couple of trials therefore behind in her prep.Hes not going to say "shes a home run" in case his caution was right and she got beaten.All he said was he was surprised at her divvy after so long off.Remember Dummy Myers and his interview,which I never saw,insured he would never be interviewed again.Andrew Foresman or murry are interviewed on the radio almost every Saturday morning and for mine that's going out of their way.Their loyalty is to their owners who pay the bills and not jo blog punters who winge when they miss out on a winner.They always I think give honest comments on their runners and if it was me getting bagged for telling the truth I would do a Dummy
  15. lindsay carston

    Tanya Jonker

    Totally agree with Midget on this one.Congrats to Tanya on her first winner and don't blame her for her exuberance in the last couple of hundred metres with the whip.However it wasn't pretty to watch but doubt the horse was feeling it too much but the blame has to come from her employers and the stewards who approve licences to apprentices to allow them to ride in races when not really skilled enough to do it adequately.Maybe not enough trials here in the south for appys to practice and whips aren't generally used in a trial anyway but somebody has to train them in the skill.Maybe a couple of trips down south for Harry to upskill.Also comments about watching videos are very valid,but there is only one jockey you need to watch in all facets of the game and that's J Mac.