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  1. HAWKES BAY - Race # 67 (4.15) # 6 Gift Of Power SYD (OAKS ) - Race #6 (4.25) # 5 Luvaluva SYD (CUP) - Race #8 (5.45) # 21 Doukhan Good luck all, thanks Yir Tiz
  2. Sandpiper

    Winx OUT !!

    Ban for clickbait
  3. Sandpiper

    ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Gave it a good shake! Hope y'all snagged a winner somewhere today
  4. Sandpiper

    ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Riccarton- Race 6 One runner to PLACE: No. 6 Zawhip Te Aroha- Race 7 One runner to PLACE: No. 5 Sultan of Swing Te Aroha Race 8 One runner to WIN: No.6 Miss Wilson Sydders -Race 7 One runner to WIN: No. 12 Mission Hill Cheers all!
  5. Sandpiper

    Why is Felaar at $2.20 ?

    Framing a market is as much about knowing where the money will come as anything else
  6. Sandpiper

    New Oaks Day Competition....

    NZ St Ledger - Felaar Cuddle - Montoya Star Guineas - Scott Base Lightning - Heroic Valour Oaks - Belle du Nord Many Thanks
  7. Sandpiper

    Why is Felaar at $2.20 ?

    $2.20 is tight alright. Leaves some room elsewhere. Can you hear me Major Tom?
  8. Sandpiper

    Kawi at $8 until 5pm

    Good PR no harm in that. I suspect they need to balance the books as he has been on the drift from 5s. The race is as packed with speed as I can remember. Ferrando, Miss Wilson, Passing Shot, Rocanto and Carnival all likely to look for the lead. Am with Chambord to swoop, just dipping the toe and waiting to see how the outside of the track plays. Volpe Veloce has every right to sit off them and gap it 250 out. Recent Telegraph winners have had the absolute run of the race, Sacred Star aside who would have won from anywhere. Am hoping this year the tempo and track will play out for Zabeels first 1200 G1.
  9. Sandpiper

    Smart Patch

    Nothing for free in this world. If you want to know how well they are going consider changing routine to get up at 4am with a stopwatch and notebook Figuring out which stables like a punt and who likes to try to put the punters away is part of the game. Where does it end up, a declaration of financial interests on each runner from owners amd trainers
  10. Sandpiper

    2018 Punting advice ?

    Porky my experience is really good bets only come around once in a while. Scaling bets down outside of these gems to a bare minimum will free up the budget for a few big heaves. Also, before crashing into a roughie on the TAB stick it into some multis, I haven't yet seen them move the price in when placing a multi. Lastly, when crypto tips are being made on horse racing forums it is a sure sign we are past the smart money phase in the bubble cycle so. I bought Ripple at $3 a few days a go. Oh no wait I shorted it, thats right.
  11. Sandpiper

    Aussie gamblers lose $A24B in a year....!?

    $600 per capita average? Holy mackeral I've got half the city covered
  12. Sandpiper

    head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    Jimbob I applaud you and anyone else wanting to take out any grievances with the TAB regardless of the merits. Especially with lawyers.
  13. Sandpiper

    Where's Winnie???

    Not Berri but have some experience here. Blockchain could bring some operational efficiencies. For example, when that technology has matured, automated KYC will be a quick win for a lot of companies (you have your digital identity and the TAB can see for example that a bank has pre-verified you so does not need to repeat that step) . An incumbent wagering near-monopoly does not scream out for blockchain or tokens though. If the TAB should choose to reinvent itself as a peer to peer operation (taking a cut rather than making the market) then we can start talking. That is where the blockchain activity will be and competitors will come from, because making a peer to peer exchange and allowing users to frame markets themselves is actually something blockchain really lends itself to and will become very slick once someone fixes the big scaling problems. The scary doomsday scenario is that there will be competitors emerge that not only skirt any legislation, but are built by anonymous developers and used by users who can choose to remain anonymous too. If one of those takes off it will be a threat to existing revenue models of all codes around the world. Thankfully, you need marketing to claim a lions share of any gambling market, and that is extremely hard to do without having some regular corporate entity. So I think we are safe from the doomsday scenario. What imo the TAB should be doing is building partnerships with developers of betting applications on these new decentralised platforms (eg. Gnosis) so that they secure a piece of that future. They could try and develop it themselves but we all know where that is likely to end up. The market will naturally migrate to platforms that offer a 102% liquid book as and when that happens, better to just keep that scenario onside as best you can. Re hydro power, yes NZ could set up a crypto mining operation. Obviously the costs outside of raw power will be more than in China etc, could still be feasible (bear in mind China produces the mining kit needed too...). This is assuming it is excess supply. If bitcoin is still pumping in two years then state mining farms will become inevitable.
  14. Sandpiper

    Where's Winnie???

    The racecards are the IP. The whole thing seems both a reasonable step and reasonably futile. As admitted in the policy statement, is "The charges will rely to a great extent on voluntary compliance from offshore betting operators." This bill is about carefully arranging a mosaic of striped deckchairs into a giant 'everything is fine on here' that can be read from the top of any looming iceberg.
  15. Sandpiper

    NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st - Pentathlon 2nd - Sampson Last - Gobstopper Cheers!