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  1. Sandpiper

    Betting or Collecting $1,000... Info from TAB.

    Whats the surprise, you cant even buy 0% alcohol beer without photo ID in this joke of a nanny state
  2. Sandpiper


    What a mug I backed India for the promo bet. Not only did they lose but they hit ZERO sixes to Englands THIRTEEN!!
  3. Sandpiper

    Name for my horse please.

    Top Secret
  4. Sandpiper

    Name for my horse please.

    Raise A Racket
  5. 1. Royal Randwick R2 2.05pm : 4 2. Hastings R5 3.05pm : 4 3. Royal Randwick R4 3.15pm (Bonus Race) : 4 4. Royal Randwick R5 3.50pm : 4 bb 5. Royal Randwick R6 4.25pm (Bonus Race) : 4 6. Caulfield R5 4.45pm : 4 7. Royal Randwick R7 5.05pm : 4 8. Royal Randwick R8 5.50pm (Bonus Race) : 4 9. Royal Randwick R9 6.30pm : 4 bb 10. Caulfield R8 6.50pm : 4 11. Royal Randwick R10 7.10pm : 4 12. Morphettville R8 7.40pm : 5
  6. Sandpiper

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    I heard he wasn't even white either
  7. Cool thanks. Yep, that's correct! Gogo Ferrando (and nothing else)
  8. Thanks Ponderosa, great comp. I am going for a dodgeball approach .. r1 Silver Sasanof 1000/1000 (sub Star Treasure) r2 Silver Sasanof 1000/1000 (sub Showdown) r3 Ohthoserussians 1000/1000 r4 No bet r5 Delegate 1000/1000 r6 Bingwa 1000/1000 (sub Misha's Star) r7 Princess Amelia 1000/1000 r8 Ferrando 70/70 r9 The Chosen One 1000/1000 r10 No Loitering 1000/1000 Subs can be for early or late scratchings or both whatever you deem appropriate
  9. I would describe the problem as "it's easier to win the Derby if you have bought out of Karaka". Which is true, and clearly against the spirit of open competition. The cleanest solution might be to extend exempted races (and places in those races). If you have a Derby contender, its only reasonable that they should run well in at least one of the leadup races, and if they do then they are in. In the case of Platinum Invador, they set it for only one leadup race and it would have stood to miss out even if they had exempted down to 8th spot. There's no cure for that, you have to put a performance down on the racetrack at some point if you want to make a field of the top 18 3yos. $10k is about the minimum stake for both maidens and r65s, that is all he had won or placed in. You can't enter a race on potential.
  10. Sandpiper

    te aroha bias

    Haven't walked Te Aroha but as far as I can tell from the replays there is not much camber and the turn is tight enough. Horses corner like american cars. The track also seems to fall away a little around the corner which would exacerbate the effect - imagine trying to drive said chevy around a corner at speed when that happens.
  11. Sandpiper

    New FOB and Shutdown

    It appears a maximum of one sports futures bet per sport can be added to a sports multi. For example a multi on Scotland winning the 6 Nations and England winning the RWC cannot be placed. The affected options have to be under a 'futures' tab, not just something in the future. Since racing futures are common its noticeable there. My guess is that their related outcomes engine has an issue/incorrect setting/is deliberately hypercautious. Dear TAB, you can place my bug bounty $$ on a multi of Gorbachev into Melody Belle cheers.
  12. Sandpiper

    New FOB and Shutdown

    During that time, and for some time afterwards, customers will be unable to log into their accounts, top up their accounts, place a bet, or result a bet - essentially - all betting services will be unavailable while we carry out this work. Some services (yet to be defined) will never work as well again as they will have to be discontinued after we find we cant push shit back through a fan. We reserve the right to irretrievably lose any futures bets for events after Jan 06, all of your historic betting data, good luck lol with any multibets rolling over beyond Jan 06 and dont even ask about your myTab watchlist and notifications.
  13. Sandpiper

    Prince Jabeel Wellington Cup favourite...?!!

    2 miles is a hell of a stretch for him imo. And oops just got rerated to near top weight as well. Time to go back and look at those 70 to 75 raters who didnt look a hope of making the field. Gorbachev .. Sulcifera ..
  14. Sandpiper

    Melbourne Cup Punting Sucesses

    Hijacking thread with a nearly tale Got the First Four last year off more or less boxing up 7. This year I had 9 picks and 8 of the 9 ran top 9 .. and the 9th pick was Magic Circle who had heart troubles. I missed Rostropovich (5th). Despite that still managed to miss the First Four. Left Cross Counter in for places only as I had some early tickets on him anyway and didn't much like the rain for him. Kew Gardens would have run this awfully close if he had come over.
  15. Sandpiper

    Guy Fawkes

    Ban fireworks, oh my lord, stop bleating. Anyone would think the ownership of notoriously fractious animals was not actually a choice people made!!