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    Swynford reacted to Crow in Kolding - record Stakes win for a NZ bred racehorse   
    Yes one quality horse can make a stallion with some 140 shots a year but the poor old breeder only gets one chance that's something Chittick forgets in his adds promoting  his stallions. 
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    Swynford got a reaction from Breeder in 2nd Group One winner produced from $2500 mare   
    Miss Wilson sells at Gold Coast brood-mare sale for $900 K  further wonderful returns on the mare that cost just $2500
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    Swynford got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in Dundeel   
    One would only hope that sending a mare to one of their stallions a MIX UP wouldn't happen there either, (then again with their line up maybe it could be a good thing )
    Foxbridge's father Foxlaw is from the same tail-female line as Deep Impact
    Agree totally about Deep Impacts female line, if I was to send a mare to Deep Impact,  mares from the Round Table male line would be the first I would use. Another would be Aureole.   Mares with Foxbridge lower in their pedigree would help.
    However Real Impact is not Deep Impact so IMO only part of the equation. 
    If I was sending a mare to Real Impact I would be looking deeply at HIS female line and the different bloodlines on his female side and trying to incorporate these into any planned mating . 
    An example of this would be there was no end of sons of Sir Tristram that went to stud and very few made it.   One of the first was a stallion called Sir Sian. You could get your mare served for about 1000 dollars. He did produce a very high class horse in Spyglass and using mares that took his father into account obviously helped.  However Sir Sian was not Sir Tristram

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    Swynford got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in Dundeel   
    And I applaud any stud that does heaps of research trying to find the right stallion that suits both their own and outside mares.  Choosing a stallion is a major decision for all of us.  However I don't believe searching for an out cross is the perfect answer.  (from memory Animal Kingdom was going to do this. )  Finding that stallion that "clicks" with Danehill mares would be my ultimate goal. 
    The connection between Real Impact and Danehill mares below. 

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    Swynford got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in Dundeel   
    I will predict that somewhere along his career Real Impact will produce a horse the calibre of More Joyous out of a More Than Ready mare.

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    Swynford reacted to Insider in Wiremu Pinn   
    If he’s a lightweight he’s got plenty of time.
    When I look back at myself I can’t believe how inept, stupid and immature I really was. 
    Thankfully I wasn’t in a high profile job (then) like he has been in, so with time, maturity, luck and good management he will be back as his ability to really earn is exceptional. 
    Good luck Wiremu. 
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    Swynford got a reaction from Lloyd Vivian in Inbreeding to Danehill   
    One of the better two year olds in Europe this year.  No ' sex balancing ' going on here

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    Swynford reacted to chevy86 in stakemoney   
    Talking of ownership, return on "investment" etc, I saw Jamie Richards interviewed after You're Welcome won at Matamata today and he was ''"very pleased the horse won as it had some important owners".(some league players who are also in Te Akau Shark). Would have thought "unimportant" type's money was as good as anyone's when it came to sustaining the industry so comment pretty crass. In my unimportant opinion!
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    Swynford reacted to Tomjr in Benbatl - La Mer family lights up!   
    La Mer, Uncle Re us, Shivaree, Shuzohra, Damn that's a field of the likes we haven't seen here in a generation!
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    Swynford reacted to Ruby in New Stallions 2018   
    He was passed in as a yearling through Inglis for $140k with a reserve of $160k -  I'm pretty sure we can reel off countless Stallions with million dollar race records who've failed at stud good luck to them.
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    Swynford got a reaction from Dopey in The next generation   
    Winner of Race 5 Wanganui

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    Swynford got a reaction from Dopey in The next generation   
    Winner of Race 5 at the Valley

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    Swynford got a reaction from Dopey in The next generation   
    Only a Two Year Old maiden winner at this stage but many do not achieve that

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    Swynford reacted to Huey in Gavelhouse   
    I think you're missing the point of the Online Auction, most of the stock is sold like the May Sale , It's very well operated and there are some well priced horses available. I think the most important thing about these online auctions is that the horses are potentially going somewhere where they are being given an opportunity to be a race horse or a broodmare instead of sitting in a paddock or worse. 
    There has been a number of winners come out of the sales and its great to see. One thing it does do though is make you think why would you pay stallion fees when you see the price some of these go for.
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    Swynford reacted to Baz (NZ) in Winston in free fall ?   
    ...and what has National and Labour done for racing in the past 20 years? .....or 70 years for that matter?
    Exactly what they'll do for racing in the next 100. FUCK ALL!
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    Swynford reacted to La Zip in Power To Queensland   
    I’m Wondering how Zacinto will get a full book of 150mares in 2018...at a fee hike to $15000....with an eclectic array of new stallions (including their own new horse) going to Stud this year, following an amazing new lot of stallions  in 2017...I hope there will be enough quality mares around in NZ to substantiate the endless round of fee increase announcements. Or are these fee hikes in anticipation of the Messara Report? 
    With increased mares numbers on Gavelhouse each session I’m not sure I’m understanding the logic of these stud masters 
    it seems to me the over riding factor for stud masters is not race track performance but what the progeny make (or don’t make) in the sale ring...so owners breeders will continue to leave the industry faster than NZRB spending habits, making both racing & breeding elements of the industry unsustainable...or just a farm for Asia.
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    Swynford reacted to bazach in May Sale - as a vendor is it worth it?   
    Dam Myers is a very astute person and a dedicated horseman, so it's good to see him supporting the sale with all his weanlings being sold. He is also one of the few bigger breeders with no stallion, and his broodmare band is of reasonably good quality, so I thought it would be interesting to make up a table of his sales and compare just the service fees of the applicable stallions in 2016:
    Lot number
    Sale price
    Service fee 2016 (app)
    Por Moi
    Press Statement
    Written Tycoon
    Reliable Man
    Sacred Falls
    Jimmy Choux
    Ocean Park
    Mongolian Khan
    Sacred Falls
    So You Think
    19 lots sold 
    Total =
     The question I'm asking is, is the amount of the 113k 'surplus' enough to cover all other expenses and make him want to continue down the line of selling all his stock as weanlings? He did very well with lot 190, ie made more than the 113k on this one lot, - and also with lot 89, but in total thirteen of the lots sold for LESS than their service fee, and only six sold for more than their service fee.  
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    Swynford reacted to La Zip in Almanzor   
    I certainly wouldn’t have thought so....I think their aspirations were somewhere else.... 
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    Swynford reacted to Pam Robson in New Stallions 2018   
    Winx - not Winks - may prefer rain-affected going but she can still knock off a 33 sectional if she has to.  Big difference.
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    Swynford reacted to Dopey in 2nd Group One winner produced from $2500 mare   
    I’d happily take 1 every three 
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    Swynford reacted to Sleepy in 2nd Group One winner produced from $2500 mare   
    Regardless of what stallions were used or the extent of your involvement in the actual decision, 2 x Group 1 winners from any mare is an outstanding result Swynford. Well done!!
    I’ll be overjoyed if I can achieve even 50% of that one day
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    Swynford got a reaction from Huey in 2nd Group One winner produced from $2500 mare   
    Agree with you there Huey they were handy stallions,  but any brood-mare owner trying to breed a Group One winner from either stallion and trying  62 or 108 times would be financial disaster for most. 
    It depends what you are happy with, those odds  or < 1 in 3 
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    Swynford got a reaction from jess in 2nd Group One winner produced from $2500 mare   
    Something for you   Berri
    Miss Wilson winner of Saturday's Group One New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Stakes becomes the second Group One winner produced from her dam Cierzo a $2,500 purchase from The Informant.  Miss Wilson now a very valuable mare being a half to 5 time Group One winner Jimmy Choux.    Both horses the results of planned matings using line breeding.
    It perhaps should be noted Cierzo could not win a race and has been on sold for mega times her purchase price. 

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    Swynford got a reaction from Dopey in Showcasing pedigree patterns   
    Impressive winner today .. impressive pedigree

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    Swynford reacted to Ruby in Monaco Consul for sale unreserved   
    Maybe just make sure she keeps the jockey on board