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  1. Just out of interest I see the free to view channel 200 costs $250 per hour to hire, why can we not have the NZ Saturday Racing on this channel so it brings racing back to more of an general audience?
  2. Verdi (Zabeel x Miss Opera) Here is a link to John Richardson’s article when he first went to stud (which he suggests Volksraad mares). https://0j.b5z.net/i/u/6119053/f/John_Richardson_Verdi.pdf
  3. I rumor was incorrect, but there is a Nth Island stallion moving down South.
  4. Has anyone else heard that Embellish is not standing at Cambridge Stud but is heading down South?
  5. Interesting to see that the NZB May Sale is now down to 1 day (Friday 17 May). Sad to see this as it is just another thing pointing to how low the industry has got, in 2016 it was 3 days and then dropped to 2 days in 2017.
  6. Maybe they will look at putting the entries up to what the TB pay to help cover the costs…their entries are $250 more. Makes it interesting for the combined sale in April with one code paying more for the same thing?
  7. The bid spotter is Nikki Smart and she works in the NZB insurance division, and yes she does a great job.
  8. Verdi x I'm Something filly (one day old)
  9. Echoes Of Heaven x Sita filly (five days old)
  10. Prince Of Brooklyn x Southern Raider filly (three and half weeks old)
  11. Verdi x Sandra colt (one week old)
  12. Ghibellines x Chapelle d’or colt (day old)
  13. Thought it would be nice to see some of this season foal photos!
  14. Verdi (Zabeel x Miss Opera) is another son standing at stud in the Sth Island. Half to Sir Slick, Puccini and Shortblackmini (dam of Amarula and Little Wonder).
  15. As a small breeder re a levy, I would agree many would struggle paying more fees . Also thought for those knocking breeders - the large studs (as do the smaller breeders in a smaller scale) put a lot of money back into the industry racing their horses that do not sell at the sales and their fillies that they are retaining for breeding and through sponsorship, so I would not knock any breeder large or small!!
  16. Just a question was the land around Riccarton not in a trust that was not meant to be sold, look at it now all under development for housing? Seems to be that if all parties agree there is a way around selling the land.
  17. Nerula you are so right re: Kerckhaert Safety Tracks ES Plates. We have put our submission in trying to get these shoes approved! Submissions close on the 31/7 so anyone else who would like to see these approved get your submission into NZTR.
  18. I feel that there is a place for both paper print and digital/social media, and agree with Liz that it is a bad decision as their stallions are not there for many breeders to see. Has anyone received a brochure from Westbury in the mail, or are they only trusting on breeders to be subscribe to their social media pages or email list?
  19. I think going by the ones listed I think it is a dispersal of his mares that are not in foal.
  20. Burgundy never stood in the Sth Island, think you mean Highly Recommended.
  21. Westbury still operating. From what I understand some studs are looking more to digital marketing and choose not to advertise in the stallion register. I like the stallion register and always use it as a point of reference but also use the Arion website for current statistics, starters and information.
  22. It helps if the photos are recent not in a case like the mare we brought the photos where taken at least 6mths earlier (we found out after) and did not give a true reflection of the mares condition! But in saying that another mare we brought was in excellent condition from another vendor.
  23. Like War Front (Claiborne Farm always seem to have nice stallions), also liked Sweet Orange but he did not seem get support while he was here.