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  1. In NZ anyway Gubellini..had one in Aussie too, same day. Didn't see the race but result wasn't that flash. Anyway, Prom Queen looks the goods! Sheer speed.. last 600 in 32.2!!!! I hope my little filly, born last month, shows the same speed when she gets to the track!! Up, Up and away - it's Super Easy!
  2. Sorry - of course my idol growing up has done it, KIngston Town. But she might just be the second.
  3. I know it's only been an hour or so and I probably need to think some more, but I think she might be the best horse I've ever seen. [Sorry Sticko!] In that sort of form she will at some stage surpass Sunline's prizemoney total, if they continue to race her. She's freakish. The way she just peeled out and ran away from Hartnell round the turn, when he was given full bore also - had to be seen to be believed. That just gave me goosebumps watching it. SENSATIONAL WIN! The obvious question now is - can SHE do what no-one has ever done?? Although Sunline went oh so close!!! I wish I had been there
  4. I have booked my mare to Shocking this season and am interested to see the pedigree earlier of Rodmar, who replicates my mare's Danehill cross exactly, notwithstanding my mare is by Keeper and not Redoutes Choice. I shall watch Rodmar's progress with increased interest from now on.
  5. Sorry I just realised I didn't name a Joker - can I make it Rasa Lila at this late stage??
  6. Have to agree. It hurt just watching those last few!
  7. Good old Ringo!!!! Thought I might be in trouble when Persuasive scratched but hoped Ringo would be a reliable back up plan.
  8. R1: 3 R2: 4 R3: 11 R4: 8 R5: 9 R6: 2 R7: 1 R8: 11 R9: 8 R10: 1 Thanks!
  9. I think you mean Mr Tiz in the Galaxy Rev - not the Donny.
  10. HUGE thanks PJ for all your effort in making these comps so enjoyable: it is really appreciated by everyone involved. And a big thanks to Captain Cubes and my team-mates for an awesome effort. Fell at last but were right in the firing line all the way through the comp. Roll on the Spring Comp!!
  11. Cheers RFT - hey it's a FUN competition right? :) .. no room for egos in my book. Just wish I could have tipped a bit better in a Grand Final and stretched your neck a bit. Not my day today it seems. Tried to go a bit wider in my selections than just the favourites but hasn't really come off. I couldn't see Mahuta or Suavito beaten today but they were both very ordinary.
  12. Bucking Billy - when you're hot - you're hot!!! Well done mate - Betty would be proud of you!
  13. I'll be very happy if you have half her skill and good fortune!!!!
  14. Personally, I was stoked gutted to see Betty unable to make the field after 2nd acceptances... However, I'm sure it has only fired the team up so I'm prepared for the worst!! Anyway, after much consideration and throwing of tea leaves etc etc I am completely certain, moderately positive slightly hopeful that I have arrived at the combinations needed to tame whatever Bronco fronts up in the morning. : R1: 3,6 [4] R2: 6,7 [1] R3: 6,7 [5] R4: 5,6 [8] R5: 9,11 [15] B/B R6: 1,9 [5] R7: 2,13 [7] B/B R8: 11,12 [15] R9: 3,7 [2] R10: 6,15 [8
  15. Thanks for all your great work again PJ. [ As a very small aside, I also managed 3 quinella's PJ. ] Great effort Thunderbirds!! Nice comeback John. First time for me as 'Highest Losing score'... can't say it feels very special!! Grand Final here we come!!!!!
  16. All the best Thunderbirds - give it heaps! R1: 3,9 [6] B/B R2: 4,5 [9] R3: 6,7 [2] R4: 1,4 [6] R5: 4,5 [1] R6: 8,11 [4] R7: 1,5 [4] R8: 2,3 [4] R9: 4,9 [5] R10: 11,12 [1] B/B Thanks PJ. All the best John. For the penultimate time...."Thunderbirds are GO!!!"
  17. Just got in from a big day shifting my daughter & Son-in-law to discover I've missed out on a heap of stress and tension!!!! Abandoned meeting, woeful picking on my part, not helped by Caulfield being upgraded to a good when I did all my picks for a soft track - ending with 2 from 9 races, $50 in the bin, came 2nd, - BUT the mighty Thunderbirds still prevailed!!!! A man's gotta be happy after all that...well done honours to you today, but match honours to us so that sort of evens it up! Thanks team - I won't study anywhere near so much next week!! Always go better whe
  18. Busy day - so got to get into it early. Been saying all week that the weather's gonna be terrible on Saturday...sure enough, dawns bright and clear here in Auckland!!! Had a heap of rain during the week though throughout the country, so I'd imagine it's going to be a slog today. So without any further procrastination or late changes of mind: R1: 4,8,[5] R2: 6,7 [2] R3: 1,5 [3] R4: 1,2 [4] R5: 4,6 [3] B/B R6: 3,10 [7] R7: 5,6 [11] R8: 4,10 [2] R9: 5,10 [6] B/B R10: 7,13 [11] All the best Mark. May the best tipster win - which kinda ru
  19. Belated birthday greetings Captain - I'm sure it went off!!
  20. Couldn't get it Monday mate, but it's coming tomorrow!! I'm just currently looking for that old excuses book while I'm waiting....
  21. Match A a bit like State of Origin - mate on mate!! Up against my old mate Memphis!! Both of us coming off Man of the Match performances....should be a humdinger. Well done today Thunderbirds. Now it's hold the nerve and focus, focus, focus...we're in the home straight, the final 200m actually, and can hear something coming from behind with big strides and it's time for that final lift over the line for a hard fought victory. All the best Mark!!
  22. R1: 9,11 [2] B/B R2: 7,9 [1] R3: 3,6 [8] R4: 6,10 [11] R5: 6,11 [2] R6: 2,9 [4] R7: 8,15 [10] R8: 7,13 [5] R9: 4,5 [11] R10: 4,15 [6] B/B Alternative picks: Ruakaka R1: 2,4 [1] R2: 7,9 [2] R3: 1,2 [3] B/B R4: 6,10 [11] R5: 1,3 [4] R6: 3,4 [1] Thanks heaps PJ. All the Best Casper - remember you're the 'friendly ghost' right? We have liftoff Thunderbirds!!!!