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  1. Sure looks like him and Rogan.
  2. Of course form research wins the day Maria. That's why some horses are favourites. A lot of people have researched the form and settled on the same horses. Are you trying to imply we don't do form research?? Really??? This competition only pays out on winners - so trying to luck out on longshots is a risky system at best. Speaking personally, I just try to pick the horses I think will win - and I'm sure my teammates do the same. We as a team thoroughly enjoyed the comp - hope you guys did too. See you in the Spring Comp!!
  3. Awesome effort Reds!!!! Great to get the good result. Well done to the Habibies. On to the BIG one next week - let's hope we can continue the great run right to the wire. Thanks heaps PJ - and congratulations on a fine personal effort today!!
  4. R1: 6,9 B/B R2: 1,9 R3: 1,6 R4: 3,7 R5: 6,9 R6: 1,6 R7: 2,3 R8: 4,8 R9: 6,14 B/B R10: 7,8 All the best Isaac. Go the Mighty REDS!!!! [ Except tomorrow night, of course!!! ]
  5. Cheers Ray - as you say, doesn't get much closer than $1.20!!! Commiserations to the Dons...we got the bob in fortunately and how unlucky was Gordy to lose with a $388 score!! Awesome effort from Catalano with 6 winners. Onwards and upwards fellow Reds!!!
  6. R1: 1,11 B/B R2: 5,6 R3: 1,4 R4: 1,6 R5: 1,3 R6: 2,6 R7: 1,5 R8: 3,14 B/B R9: 5,10 R10: 2,4 All the best Ray. Go the REDS!!!
  7. I just noticed one of mine is scratched in the next at Tauranga - is it too late to post a replacement? If not, can I have no 3 McCullum.
  8. R1: 4,9 R2: 3,5 R3: 3,7 B/B R4: 3,6 R5: 2,11 R6: 5,6 R7: 3,7 R8: 4,5 R9: 8,10 R10: 2,11 B/B All the best Jack - and let's end the Round Robin with a Resounding Result for the Rampaging REDS!!!!
  9. If it sells at all, wouldn't you be up for two commissions in this situation?? [Unless it was listed as unreserved on Gavelhouse, in which case no commission is payable under $5,000.]
  10. and my best bet on the roughie Flamboyer looked good till about the last 75m!!! Oh well...good it's not with 'real money'
  11. Sorry Team Reds - 100m out I thought the Maternal/Slumber Party quinella I needed was all on....at least Maternal held on for the win - but what a nightmare day that was!!
  12. As an Alamosa fan I 'ummed and aaaghed about Almarie - good form but failed in all 6 previous attempts at 1400 so finally left it out.
  13. R1: 5,8 R2: 3,9 R3: 5,6 R4: 2,9 B/B R5: 1,2 R6: 4,9 R7: 6,9 R8: 1,13 R9: 1,5 B/B R10: 5,17 All the best Sylvia - but GO the REIGNING REDS!!!!!!!
  14. Also interested in that - I suspect that it is an error in recording correct colours of foals at birth. [ or the unthinkable in our day and age, that perhaps the recorded parentage is not correct; this could all be checked relatively easily and I imagine they have the DNA microchipping system that we have??] Certainly warrants some checking!!
  15. Great competition today Reapers - enjoyed it all the way, although my fingernails took a hammering...
  16. No worries - just checking. Cheers. Didn't want any grounds for a late protest!!!!
  17. Dunno if it's just a typo PJ - I didn't have the quinella, but I did have a Best Bet.
  18. What about the GLUM Reapers!!! Don't even have to change too many letters....
  19. Oh - sorry PJ. I have always posted subs - didn't realise the rules had changed in respect to that. No problem to leave them out next time.