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  1. BK - I remember that race clearly. Mike Smith's worst ride. He would have been lynched in OZ.
  2. R1: 4,5 R2: 2,3 R3: 5,7 R4:4,5 B/B R5: 2,4 R6: 2,4 R7:1,10 R8:1,11 R9: 1,7 B/B R10: 1,8 All the best Ian. Let's go the Turbos!!!!
  3. Race DayWeather: CloudyTrack: Slow 9Rail: Out 4m | 7mm Rain OvernightWeather and Track updated at 6.59am Saturday 23 SeptemberFriday AfternoonWeather: OvercastTrack: Dead 5Rail: Out 4m | No Rain todayWeather and Track updated at 4.20pm Friday 22 September You have just highlighted the issue perfectly Whyisit. This is what everyone is concerned about. SOMETHING doesn't add up!!!! A DEAD 5 on Friday evening at 4:20pm, 7mm of rain overnight and suddenly it's a SLOW 9 by 7:00am Saturday??????? Are you kidding me and everyone else??????????
  4. I did my picks for a tipping contest on here on Wednesday and from memory the TAB said it was a D6 then. How the heck did it get to a S9 by Saturday morning??
  5. Jess, the Super Easy's have fantastic temperaments. Obviously handling plays a big part, but all the ones I've seen as you walk around the farm are good types with great natures. I personally think he's very promising - but I may be slightly biased!!
  6. 14mm 4 days out with rain predicted was simply too much.
  7. And I saw on Trackside today there are still some nominations available for him this year??? He's a freakish sire [ OK - I know I have spruiked him for some time as Zabeel's successor] - but I was surprised to see that. $100K is a lot I guess - but he's worth it surely, if your mare's up to standard???
  8. Thanks very much Bruce. There were some very good horses amongst those names!! Sort of what I was alluding to....I know Rogie talks his horses up, - but he is a good judge in general. That's why he put Savabeel in the Cox Plate as a 3yo!!!. It was as much a Savabeel winning such an early 2yo race that got my attention. He's a phenomenal stallion and I for one, would be PRETTY excited if I owned one that did that!!
  9. Say what you like - Rogie is a 'Doner' - not a 'Gunna'!!!.
  10. HI Jess - Hallmark have some major access issues this season with the main highway going past their gate under construction for some months. A real headache for everyone. Mark would be more than happy to show anyone Super Easy. He's a lovely horse; I'm very happy with my filly and going back this season.
  11. I'd be paying a lot of attention to any Savabeel that can win the first 2yo race of the season. Just might be a bit special. I'd also be interested to know the percentage of Savabeel 2yo winners that have gone on to be above average?? Someone got the stats?
  12. R1: 2,8 R2: 4,7 R3: 3,5 R4: 3,4 R5: 2,5 R6: 5,10 R7: 1,14 B/B R8: 3,5 R9: 2,7 R10: 4,7 B/B Cheers PJ. All the best Rosina - and enjoy the racing. Go the Turbos!! I will be unable to access scratchings in the morning so Moose could you please double check if I need a replacement anywhere? Thanks!
  13. R1: 2,6 R2: 1,6 B/B R3: 2,10 R4: 2,8 R5: 2.6 R6: 6,12 R7: 3,4 R8: 7,9 R9: 1,6 B/B R10: 1,4 All the best Luca - Go well Turbos!!
  14. They will be setting new records at Ellerslie today!!! Slowest records.
  15. R1: 4,12 B/B R2: 3,4 R3: 5,6 R4: 5,8 R5: 3,6 R6: 2,3 R7: 6,8 R8: 3,7 R9: 4,7 R10: 10,11 All the best Kay! Enjoy the racing and with the Joker play in effect - let's apply full boost Turbos!!!
  16. Absolutely right Bazach. Just got to be clear if you're breeding to sell - or breeding to race. If breeding to sell, the market dictates to a large degree the choice of stallion. If you plan to race it yourself, you're free to put your own theories to the ultimate test!!
  17. Here we go again!! R1: 1,9 B/B R2: 11,13 R3: 2,5 R4: 14,15 R5: 11,14 R6: 2,13 R7: 1,5 R8: 7,11 R9: 5,8 B/B R10: 6,7 All the best Jen - and full BOOST for us Turbos!!!!
  18. I have only laughed more at this steeplechase from France,!!!!!!
  19. I was in stitches again just watching that once more!!!!! George's call was brilliant!
  20. It's a non-issue: he did what the amoral Meteria Turei didn't do - and PAID IT BACK!!!!! Move on - there's nothing to see here....
  21. I remember watching that race and thinking exactly the same thing!!!