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  1. Hey mate - most of it is a big dust bowl in summer!!! But our Waikato pasture in summer would usually be a bit better than most Aussie places, I'd think. Anyway, it's all a bit tongue in cheek!
  2. Not actually any reflection on our Group 1's Trump - she's done exactly that in Australia too remember!!! Does that make Aussie G1's weak too?? She's a CHAMPION mate. She would win any G1 anywhere!!! However, a nice spell on some decent NZ grass over the summer - in comparison to the Aussie dust bowls over the same period - doesn't sound stupid to me...even throw in a couple of 'practice' flights to tune her up for the trip to Ascot next year... Cheers.
  3. So up against the MIGHTY PJ - and with the wooden Spoon on the line!! - had to go a little wider in places...so here goes, before I succumb to the stress and overthink everything!!! R1: 1,3 B/B R2: 2,6 R3: 1,3 R4: 1,7 R5: 3,10 R6: 4,7 R7: 5,10 R8: 2,16 R9: 1,7 R10: 5,12 B/B All the best PJ - so appreciate what you do with all these comps. May the Handsomest, most intelligent, luckiest, best man win!!
  4. I agree Admin here that Humidor had the perfect run to beat her and the drop on her everywhere but just couldn't quite manage it. You could see Shin [ who had an enormous day!] tracking her every move, every second of that run. Humidor ran the race of his life - She was just a CHAMPION who wouldn't be beaten. Credit where credits due, surely? I was thinking all the way through the race, well Hughie is riding her like the best horse in the race and simply ensuring she doesn't get pocketed. He for sure didn't give her an easy run - - he simply counted on her incredible ability and will to win to
  5. Early start in the morning so here goes.... R1: 1,5 R2: 2,9 B/B R3: 2,8 R4: 1,9 R5: 2,5 R6: 1,3 R7: 2,5 R8: 4,7 R9: 2,8 R10: 1,9 B/B Thanks PJ - all the best to you too, Last of 40!! What a day's racing and perhaps history in the making...probably edges Kingston Town as the best horse I've ever seen if the great mare can pull off the Cox Plate tomorrow.
  6. Right on the money there La Zip.
  7. Lisdoonvarna won again at Nowra today, took a sit behind the leader, then ran past and won by a couple with her ears pricked in 1:09. Easy Eddie started paying $1.45 and won with a leg in the air at Wyong in a tick under 1:10 on a slightly softer track. Great to see some of the promise shown by these others translating into results. And of course Prom Queen bolted in on Saturday in the Gr 3 down south. Now 8 from 9. Will start very short in the 1000 Guineas barring any mishap.
  8. R1: 4,7 R2: 1,4 B/B R3: 1,5 R4: 8,12 R5: 4,8 R6: 1,4 R7: 1,11 R8: 8,10 R9: 3,11 B/B R10: 1,7 All the best Hesi. Full boost today Turbos. We're a long way from the front of the grid..... Only one way to go!!
  9. You lost me mate....Redzel and Vega Magic both started at the same time, so how do you figure he ran a faster time than the winner???
  10. I like that horse with the 'extra layer' Johannes Veneer!' And Bonneval
  11. No problem Chevy!!! That'l teach me to go off half-cocked!!!
  12. SORRY Berri - my bad!!!! Humble apologies. Was confusing her with the other horse She will Reign...I take it all back.
  13. I wouldn't visit Algiers personally...strange such an important event is hosted there?????
  14. Might need a bit more detail there Berri!!!! She most certainly did NOT run a faster RACE time!!! Otherwise SHE would have been the winner. Perhaps for the final 400m or something???
  15. The roll has certainly started...Easy Beast won really well again, at Morphettville on Saturday, and Easy Does It won very nicely on debut in Singapore on Sunday.
  16. R1: 10,13 R2: 2,7 R3: 5,9 B/B R4: 7,8 R5: 4,5 R6: 1,2 R7: 1,11 R8: 1,3 R9: 9,10 B/B R10: 9,11 All the best Sylvia - go the Turbos and enjoy the awesome day's racing!!!
  17. Sorry - my fault...I copied in the wrong number....:( I sure didn't think Skyfire at 200/1 was going to beat Winx!!!!!
  18. How did I miss PJ? I thought I had Humidor and Winx [ how could you pick anything else?? ]
  19. R1: 2,6 R2: 8,9 R3: 3,10 B/B R4: 1,2 R5: 7,11 R6: 3,6 R7: 1,7 R8: 1,8 R9: 1,7 R10: 1,4 B/B All the best Heather - enjoy the racing. Let's start that move up the charts today Turbos!!
  20. Two winners in Australia in the last two days, as it happens Bruce - and both are VERY promising types. Remember these two names: Easy Beast and Lisdoonvarna. You'll hear more of them. Easy Beast was super impressive: won over 1000m by 6.5 lengths hard held, in 58.2, last 600 in 33.8.
  21. Any track with a relatively short home straight suits a front runner. That's not hard to predict is it? Those chasing from 10 lengths back will usually not have sufficient distance to overhaul them. But, if you have a long straight, often no one wants to lead and they all walk in front causing farcical sit and sprint races. The track is inert remember. Apart from the actual configuration of the course, the only 'bias' may be caused by a part of the track being wetter than another. ie; from on the inside to the outside for arguments sake. Apart from that - the actual configuration and state of
  22. I'm quite sure they'll irrigate the track until it's soft again...
  23. Look at tapes from years ago and you'll see something I haven't seen in years - dust clouds following the field around.!!! How long since you saw one of those??
  24. Mate - wouldn't it be awesome to see a Fast 1!! If our horses are so soft they can't stand running on a well grassed track for a mile or so without breaking down - then the NZ TB is stuffed anyway!
  25. Lisdoonvarna won a trial easily recently, and won just as easily over 1100m at Nowra today at her first start in Australia. I think she's pretty special this one. She had one start here in NZ and ran quite an amazing 3rd at Ruakaka, coming from a mile back at the top of the straight...