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  1. Roman Emperor, thanks. [And Viewed to give Bart an historic 6th quinella!]
  2. I knew it was a fair amount more he carried to victory the 2nd time; you saved me having to go and Google it! He never won a race in between - nor afterwards either, if my memory serves me correctly. As I have said elsewhere, I think Bart is going to quinella it with Roman Emperor and Viewed. Imagine the reception!!!!
  3. I'm actually thinking Bart is in line for an amazing 6th quinella in the big one. Viewed and Roman Emperor. Has the same quinella ever won both Caulfield and Melbourne Cups? Statistically it's almost impossible I guess - but if anybody could do it, it would be Bart.
  4. And nearly 10 kgs difference in weight on a magnificent specimen like Soyouthink made it even harder! Mate - I had to smile when Bart, upon being asked what attracted him to the horse initially, almost incredulously asked the TV man - "You've SEEN him haven't you?...anyone with an eye for a horse couldn't miss him!" He's just an awesome looking horse - and I read today he's not even actually three for a couple of weeks!! Phenomenal!
  5. I seem to remember Gary Willets was the first Kiwi to win the Cox Plate and Brent was the youngest and a Kiwi as well. Gary Willett's success in Oz led the way really for many other jockeys to try their luck in the big city. He was really the pioneer back then as Aussies didn't have a great opinion of our riders back then.
  6. Hard to go past him in this: Whobegotyou [from Heart of Dreams, Black Piranha] Lloyd Vivian
  7. Ahh, That would be Major Dick HERN'S family of Sea Anchor etc zzz... I like her in the big one too.
  8. I have liked this horse for this race for a month or two, but how could you have him after his last run? Do you know something we don't??
  9. Much as I like Predatory Pricer too, I'm picking Mr Gray's terrific mare to reach full bloom on Saturday! Daffodil for me!
  10. Personally, I think the C Cup this Saturday on a wet track may have suited him better - at least distance wise. But that would have neccessitated a different/longer leadup programme and with his problems I think they've been set on the shorter Cox Plate all the way along. I'd love to see him do well though. Lot of time for Murray Baker as a trainer.
  11. If he hasn't reinjured himself, that run would sure have them scratching their heads! He went horrible didn't he?! After ranging up to win 300 out he ran near last! Bitterly disappointing for the connections I would think. Guess we'll hear if he's finished/spelling or pressing on regardless before too long..