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  1. Away early tomorrow...here goes...all the best Wrinkles... R1: 2,13 [10] B/B R2: 6,7 [1] R3: 6,10 [2] R4: 4,8 [1] R5: 5,8 [4] R6: 6,7 [10] R7: 4,18 [6] R8: 2,11 [6] R9: 15,19 [4] R10: 2,5 [15] B/B Go the 'Thunder'birds.... let's get ready to RUUUUUUMMMMMBBLE!
  2. Can't say naturally, but to continue the analogy, - if they gave Nimue the wrong change after reading the correct amount on their screen, would you agree they weren't up to it?
  3. That's the bloke - and precisely what I was alluding to. It really is not good enough.
  4. I am with Nimue on this one. However, like him, I am not exactly sure who the offender is! Either Ryan or Richard...but their general knowledge is just woeful. They really let the side down and much to my chagrin, are not even smart enough to listen when the name or word they are struggling with and have just totally hashed, is pronounced correctly by the other commentator! They come on again afterwards and just continue on repeating it wrongly over and over again. They don't appear well-read and even quite simple stuff at times seems to have them guessing. They come across as keen punters but
  5. Why am I so slow to learn???? DON'T change your picks!!! I had 6,7 - than changed just before posting to make it 2,7 with 6 my sub. And a B/B to boot!
  6. Man did it rain here in Auckland overnight!!! R1: 4,11 [2] R2: 1,6 [3] R3: 5,6 [3] R4: 1,2 [3] B/B R5: 8,12 [5] R6: 1,4 [7] R7: 2,6 [13] R8: 1,7 [10] R9: 2,7 [6] B/B R10: 2,4 [1] All the best Jen... Onwards and upwards to reclaim the mountaintop Thunderbirds!!!!
  7. Wow - that was close....I had my hand on the belt buckle expecting the 'downtrou' ....but managed to avoid the duck.However, true to form. Mr Gee managed to nose me out of the quinella....[ I had the 2nd horse as my sub too ] Congratulations Mr Gee - an awesome effort. Dunno how you pick 'em - but good on you. Sorry Team - all round them today but no joy till the last. Onwards and upwards next week!
  8. Splurge won recently and Chopin's Nocturne won again last night in Singapore. CN looks to be the pick of my three so far...
  9. R1: 2,8 [1] R2: 2,6 [3] R3: 6,7 [1] R4: 4,9 [3] B/B R5: 2,10 [1] R6: 6,7 [1] R7: 7,10 [4] R8: 1,3 [9] R9: 1,6 [2] B/B R10: 3,15 [11] Here's hoping I strike the $100 Mr Gee - and not the $1,000 one.... GO the Thunderbirds!!!
  10. R1: 6,10 [9] B/B R2: 6,10 [5] R3: 2,11 [6] R4: 6,13 [8] R5: 3,4 [8] R6: 1,2 [5] R7: 2,7 [6] R8: 2,11 [5] B/B R9: 2,6 [8] R10: 1,3 [5] Go well Pete - but not TOO well! Captain Cubes - fear not! Today is another whole new day, brand new and untouched: yesterday may have been a ghastly memory for you - but we your trusty crew, are here to help rejuvenate your momentarily battered soul and erase those terrible images from your mind with a stunning victory!!!! GO the mighty THUUUNNNDERRBIIIIRDS!!!
  11. I can assure you he was very much alive - albeit totally 'stuffed' - as were my arms!!! Leigh is on the same side of the island as I was on - but that's about as close as it gets. Many miles away - But I can't reveal any more secrets or there'll be no more there when I go next time!!
  12. Definitely worth posting early last week in order to get away for a fish....
  13. When I asked you to go easy on me Pam I didn't expect you to take it THAT seriously!!! Back from the fishing trip where I ticked one more off the bucket list by catching a beautiful 1.1m, 14.5kg kingi this morning..to find the Tremendous Thunderbirds have hit the top of the table!! Awesome effort guys! Onwards and upwards aye...nah..hang on....just onwards!!!
  14. Here's my contribution to our upcoming Team Thunderbird victory!!! R1: 5,7 [6] R2: 3,6 [8] R3: 3,4 [9] B/B R4: 4,14 [10] R5: 5,11 [2] R6: 7,10 [12] R7: 5,11 [14] R8: 2,14 [6] B/B R9: 13,19 [3] R10: 10,13 [17] Go the Thunderbirds - and go easy Pam!
  15. A busy couple of weeks alright!! The lawns seem to still be there when I get back though!! Priorities, I guess....
  16. So are we 'good to go' with these races yet PJ? I've get away Friday afternoon for the big Fishing trip and will need to post tonight...
  17. SteveP - it goes like this: "Patience is a virtue - possess it if you can, Seldom found in women - and never in a man!"
  18. Stylish Century? Smuggler? Marceau?
  19. Star Wolf, Sam Brosnan's horse was another who didn't enjoy much success from memory. Reading some of these earlier lists is just plain painful!!! Makes you wonder why one would ever consider breeding horses!! Smuggler was another disappointment of NBH's. Left one good filly from memory but not that I can remember what it was called. Straussbrook left one very good 2yo in Batavian and Straussbridge out of a good mare Lady Appleton or something like that - but not too much else. Patrick Connell paraded him and Volksraad for me one day and I went for big bold Straussbrook, cause my m
  20. Away tomorrow night for the Rotorua Marathon so have to post early. R1:5,8 [4] R2: 2,7 [1] B/B R3: 1,9 [10] R4: 2,4 [13] R5: 1,8 [13] R6: 5,7 [9] R7: 1,4 [6] B/B R8: 2,5 [15] R9: 2,6 [3] R10: 1,2 [4] Do your worst Howie!! Go well Ferdi..the mighty Thunderbirds!! [ that was close! ]
  21. She's made a good start - but a long way to go yet Lynne - TRUE!