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  1. Cheers L. I agree it was the right thing for him to stop riding when it was obvious she was not travelling well enough...just somewhat surprised at his comment about track surface I guess... I almost expected him to say he was concerned about her for some other reason....appreciate you checking... 

  2. Has anything surfaced subsequently re Melody Belle? Did she have the Thumps? Arythmia? Elevated heart rate??? Anything irregular at all?? Seems an unbelievably bad run from a $2 shot in a G1 - Jason stopped riding a full 200m from home -  and yet it seems nothing has happened?? 


  3. Quite a good start to the New Year with Super Gee winning impressively at Ellerslie and The Big Easy winning a $70,000 race in Singapore on New Year's Day. Two 2nds at Wairarapa on the 2nd with Somewhere Man and Bella and then a double again today with Boogie Easy winning at Ruakaka and Easy Eddie winning as odds on favourite at Randwick again. Onwards and upwards!! :) 

  4. I watched the Whiskey Neat race and even allowing for all that La Zip has explained, I thought on face value, it was one of the softest wins I've seen in many years. I take your point about Denmans La Zip; you certainly have more knowledge than me there. But if that horse is not something VERY special I'm Napolean Bonaparte.

  5. On 10/11/2018 at 9:05 PM, scooby3051 said:

    Use this for entries Guys it makes things easy, just cut and paste and add your numbers...good luck


    1. Caulfield R3 - 1

    2. Matamata R6 -  11

    3. Caulfield R4 - 7

    4. Caulfield R5 -2

    5. Hawera R8 - 5

    6. Caulfield R6 - 7

    7. Randwick R6 - 9

    8. Caulfield R7 - 4

    9. Randwick R7 - 1

    10. Caulfield R8 - 8

    11. Randwick R8 - 12

    12. Caulfield R9 - 8

    13. Caulfield R10 - 4