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    Betting Models

    Thanks a bunch Reilly - appreciated
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    Betting Models

    I'm overwhelmed by the responses.....
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    How do I learn about breeding?

    lol zzz. Thanks for the imput Kiah - I'll start doing that and also research the net
  4. Hi guys - I am a total newbie when it comes to breeding but want to educate myself as much as possible. Question is - from a fresh base where do I start? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi guys - new to racecafe and want to take punting more seriously. Was wondering if anyone can advise of a good/proven betting model to use. Specifically, I want to have structure around how much I'm betting based on percieved value and I want to manage my balance. I was thinking of starting with a set balance of $5,000, with each individual bet capped at for example 2% of my total balance ($100 to begin with), if balance increased to $10,000 this 2% figure would become $200 and vice versa if the balance reduced. Where I come unstuck is what these percentages should be to ensure I never go bust, and also how to increase/decrease the amound waged based on risk/value/confidence. Any suggestions greatly appreciated