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  1. What ever the outcome is of this fiasco The Cole Kennels will still be Dominating North Island Meetings going forward the girls will see to that.
  2. bus stop

    Looking to get involved

    Go into NZ Greyhound web site and go into the trainers list contact details of local trainers are shown. The northern trainer I would recommend would be Jared Udy.
  3. Minnie not certain if you have been in contact with any greyhound trainer about where to start but I would recomend Janine Mc Cook 0274817915 or Bruce Dann 033027927
  4. bus stop

    Vale Max Matthews

    Yes sorry to hear of his passing was always very pleasant the times I had a chat with him when up that way. The code certainly could do with gentlmen like Max at the moment. RIP Max.
  5. bus stop

    a good read

    NZGRA are just waiting for CR to put together the final touches for their media release.
  6. bus stop

    $2000 Import Fee

    Yes Steve the northern region has and will continue to become the dumping ground for the 2 biggest puppy farms here in NZ as trainers require replacement racing stock.Dont expect Cup winners etc they will only be sent north when they are past their best and they dont have the worry about there dispersal.Perhaps they should be charged a fee once the dog leaves their racing kennels to goes towards rehoming.
  7. bus stop

    Black arm bands

    As I understand from a visting handler they were asked if they wished to wear a arm band, freedom of choice I belive thank god we still have that for the mean time the way things are changing in this country.
  8. bus stop

    $2000 Import Fee

    Has anyone else heard about the suggestion from the board about a $2000 per dog import fee which can be refunded if the dog is returned to Aussie when its racing days
  9. bus stop

    Bet of the day

    Also a litter sister who won her quaily trail on Monday 18.76 has a start on Sunday at Auckland race one.
  10. bus stop


    Just read a coms from Greg Kerr stating that due to the reported suggestion of Green Tea being in Coprice that it should not be fed 72 hrs before a dog races I know this kibble is used by a number of trainers so will be interesting if any postives are detected over the next 3-4 days and what the outcome would be if proven if coprice was the source.
  11. bus stop


    Thanks Craig for the above information.Be good to hear the results of tests
  12. bus stop

    Brian Martin

    Yes agree Brian did a great job on Friday night and greyhound racing need him back on deck. Mark does a job good calling but i think his forte is presenting with his wealth of knowledge he comes across very well when in that roll.
  13. bus stop

    WAIPA RC - Te Awamutu GONE!

    Do we need to go back to less midweek race meetings. Racing is becoming a bore with wall to wall racing its just like being married to the same partner for a time and you need to spice it up so its something to look forward to.
  14. bus stop

    Brian Martin

    Interesting statment cant see how a commentator good or bad can have a effect on a punt out come.
  15. bus stop

    Auckland cup

    Steve have to agree the food they presented was a bloody embrasment which they offered to the guests, if finances are a problem I would suggest they find a sponsor. They need to come Christchurch to see what the guests are offered.
  16. bus stop

    Auckland cup

    Understand from my northern contact that a certain ex Aussie trainer had input on the way the track was presented on Sunday he stated that the track was in good nick.
  17. Also on the pervious web site you could click onto a jockey and it would show the mounts that jockey had for that meeting which could be used as a quick reference which saved you going through each race to see their mounts if you follow a particular jockey.
  18. bus stop

    Philippa Morris

    I pretty sure Wayne trained the horse Account that was placed in the Derby a while back I think he trained out of Te Rapa. And I am sure Phliappa will make the grade with her trackside carrer.
  19. bus stop


    Yes and the Cambridge track is no better the sand compostion is not correct to many pot holes in the sand after the mat has been over it
  20. bus stop

    Dead dogs on interislander

    Be interesting if further safety steps have been but in place with the amount of greyhounds making the crossing this week heading to Auckland.
  21. bus stop

    Mark Sweeney

    Wouldnt be out of place in the Chiefs front row.
  22. bus stop

    Waikato monday

    Steve when can we expect to see Pinny Mac back on the track Thanks.
  23. bus stop

    Winner disqualified to 2nd

    Use to train a greyhound or 2 in the past and worked in the meat industry.
  24. bus stop

    Blood testing

    Does anyone know if bloods were taken today at Cambridge.
  25. bus stop

    Animal welfare

    Total agree with these comments.