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  1. Yes Kiah massive effort by the Mighty All Blacks Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The box heads will be pissed off they spent all that money trying to bribe the ref and still got stuffed:D Rich and Dan were superb.We just soaked up all the pressure and blew them off the park. Superb effort. Good to see Gear making a contribution.He looked real sharp. Messam a bit messy in first half but OK in second. Bring on Brissy Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Memphis2


    Me too Gordy but I think you have to well and truly let your hair down up there. Go the blue oval.
  3. picks for Memphis.No confusion here. 1...8x9...(11) 2...1x10...5 3...1x3...5 4...2x7...9 5...7x16...3 BB 6...2x1...3 7...3x5...1 8...3x13...8 9...3x11...8 BB 10...3x6...4 Good luck Jack and the Sharkies.
  4. Will Nth Harbour turn up this week young Cat or has their caravan moved on. Hope they can put on a bit of a show. Love some of the new talent coming through.Last nights Tasman v Bay of Plenty was great. All Blacks by 13+ I say
  5. Yep we did well to get 16 or 17 then Southee bowls a wide which gets smacked for six. Poor start but we still tried hard to salvage it.That first ball killed us
  6. Yeh Pete I hope to be challenging for top spot.
  7. Mayos Gold.Like watching from the top of the stand
  8. Yeh same prob.Bloody Sharks. In the small looks like his head finishes at his sunglasses.Don't know anyone like that
  9. Yes well run comp.I only wanted to beat PJ:D