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  1. Rugby Wanganui v Taranaki then through the gate to a day at the races. What a great day that was. Wish I was doing it right now. No politics no bull shit no blaming the track manager if you lost. Lady took your bet and paid you when you won. Cups of tea and pies. Wish I was doing right now
  2. Yes I think I will leave Kaonic alone now. Or maybe once more if he finds a better surface. I would hate for him to win at good odds and me be not on
  3. Backing Kaonic again. Rosehill r7. Poor rides last two starts. Heavy track is the big query Good punting.
  4. Sorry to hear of the passing of Mrs Cubes.Condolences to the family. RIP.
  5. Pretty selective in your criticism Dunk. I see more in the blue corner on here. I'm trying to find race winners anyway not election winners. Good punting to you.
  6. RANDWICK RACE 1-7 RACE 2-2 RACE 3-3 RACE 4-8 RACE 5-5 RACE 6-10 RACE 7-11 RACE 8-4 RACE 9 -7 FLEMINGTON RACE 1-1 RACE 2-1 RACE 3-8 RACE 4-12 RACE 5-5 RACE 6-7 RACE 7-1 RACE 8-5 RACE 9 -1 Thank youSir.
  7. Go to Racenet.com.au. Set up your black book and you will get emails every time they are starting. Very easy to do. NZ starters included .
  8. RIP Jock. Great trainer and mentor
  9. Kaonic at Flemington. Ridden poorly last start.
  10. 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ Thank you sponsors / Ponda Scoob. This is our response to the big goings on at the Bool.
  11. Duff used to have a kitty of a million 20 odd years ago when they had a punters club in NSW. He was making things favourite on his nod. Bizarre. Fizzled out in the end I think.
  12. Well done winners. Not a lot of luck in the last but thems the breaks. Thanks to all those involved in organizing this comp.
  13. Flemington R5 #9 late scratching. #15!sub please.
  14. Rosehill 4.2-6 5.15-6 6.1-10 7.8-14 8.1-5 Flemington. 4.3-1 5.9.3 6.13-11 7.1-7 8.17-6 thank you Mrs C Ponda and Scoob
  15. Lloyd Williams Pauline Hanson Priscilla Looker John Lennon Thommo
  16. Well done winners. And thanks Mr Ponda and Mr Scoob
  17. 1. 2-1-4 2. 1-7-10 3. 10.4.2 4. 5-2-6 5. 1-3-9 6. 4-2-7 7. 2-4-1 8. 13-12-2 9. 17-2-5 10. 6-7-14 thanls Scoob and Ponda good punting all
  18. Thanks.I'm in Sydney and already have an account.Coming back to NZ next week so wondering if I can use it while in isolation.
  19. Can you bet on the NSWTAB from within NZ. Thanks.
  20. Prob administered it something to calm it down after an horrific float trip to the races on the Gold Coast.Police escort etc.
  21. Superb ride indeed.Dropped onto the rail pretty quickly. He is riding real well.