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  1. Some bloke on Trackside said Radish should be considered because he is the top weight. It was a maiden and about 15 others had 58.5 kgs as well
  2. Full house at Woodville on Thursday.
  3. And Oliver for betting on another horse in a race he was riding in. Ten years. Whoops ten months. And delayed so he could ride in the spring carnival.
  4. Not a lot of luck for Cascadian. One spot behind the winner in running. Willo got off the rail and won. Oliver is still there.
  5. Was the Capt of the Titanic on 500-600k and what meds was he on at the time.
  6. And fined his match payment. (Two lamb sandwiches)
  7. Yes mate and a good slice of the quin. You would have heard me cheering at your joint
  8. Run to the Rose. The greatest jockey in the world thought it was a quarter horse race. Go the Qlander. Serious horse. Love the girl who looks after him.
  9. Fierce Impact Flemington. Has won Group one 1600 on course. Good last start. Top jock.
  10. What else could he say. Pretty hard to trot out excuses when it was all there to see.
  11. TAB Gonville definitely I got one two hours back. Maybe 4 Square St Johns Hill.
  12. RIP Ray. Good bloke from my limited dealings with him.
  13. Be a good race to put on your horses CV
  14. Remember listening to the RADIO and wondering what Hauby was getting all excited about. Must be gutting having a horse just about to realise their potential then bam no horse. Like Altitude. Had a mate went into the Brisbane Cup with the fav and ended up without a horse. Highs and lows right there
  15. Bonecrusher Empire Rose Cubacade Greatness and aaaah McGinty. What a little champ he was
  16. I watch the races on my TAB NSW account. When in Sydney I turned the radio on at 6.30 am and listened to it all day on a Saturday. I would have struggled to do that with my phone. The racing on the radio is bread and butter to many. Bring it back and sack the guy who got rid of it.
  17. Really. Hitting you in the hip pocket is it. An election coming . See if you have a majority supporting your thoughts. Long odds
  18. Correct because the virus has been well managed by the authorities. Bit of an apples and onions argument.
  19. Worth seeing if just for Townshend in action. A great survivor