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  1. Poor ride on Prince of Arren. Had vested interest and couch jockey. Should get lessons from Michelle
  2. I've got this 1. 12.Prince of Aaran. 2. 13.Surprise Baby. 3. 7 Verry Elleegant Last .10 Dashing Willoughby. Good punting.
  3. Ellerslie Race 7: 5-6-11-13 Flemington Race 1: 1-2-7-8 Flemington Race 7: 1-7-12-13 Flemington Race 9: 2-4-8-15 Good punting all.
  4. Probably right.Every year the Europeans seem to be sending better horses down .Plus the Ozi bred input is pretty low. Us Kiwis keep firing a few in and I think we have pretty good chance of taking it home this year. The topweight looks the goods but having said that he looks too obvious.Over the years we have had a few horses look amazing in the Caulfield Cup and flop in the MC. Shows how keen O'Brien is by bringing down a Derby winner. Of course the Stodges and Red Rums of this world will know a lot more about this than I. Good punting today.
  5. Got a ride on the fav in the last Cup day for Waterhouse . Manager must have picked his game up. Worth a bet
  6. Back to our shellacking best. One for the true believers. Occasionally Oz gets close and everyone loses the faith but the real Kiwis stick. I do hope Oz gets better or it’s going to be bugger all excitement. Plus all their fair weather fans will drop off. Great stuff by the ABs. Some stars Coles Leinert Brown Whitelock Barrett’s and of course Mohunga. Always going to be tough for Wally’s with new 12 and 10.
  7. Sit and don’t sprint is a worse scenario
  8. Buffalo River in the mile at Flemington.Fit as a fiddle and top Jock helps from perfect draw. Has been leading but be good to see Williams take a sit from that draw.Won on a good track. Currently $7.50.
  9. Randwick Race 8: 1-11-12-13 Flemington Race 1: 1-2-3-4 Flemington Race 2: 1-6-7-8 Flemington Race 3: 1-5-6-9 Flemington Race 4: 1-2-5-10 Flemington Race 5: 1-10-11-12 Flemington Race 6: 1-4-7-14 Flemington Race 7: 1-2-5-10 Flemington Race 8: 1-5-13-16 Flemington Race 9: 3-4-5-8 Thanks Scoob and Ponda. Good punting all.
  10. Will Trump win the upcoming election. Not a great field Of candidates. Was the drivers dog not available ?
  11. Ash Gardiner. Gee wasn’t he a good old style Taranaki prop from the seventies. Be a bit slow for today’s game tho. Prob captain your Wallabies
  12. Just a space filler surely. No one would back them unless they were on crack. Maybe Mikey would he ha
  13. Think trainer was keen but what would he know
  14. Te Rapa Race 5 :5-6-7-9 Te Rapa Race 7: 1-2-3-12 Riccarton Race 7: 1-2-7-9 Randwick Race 7: 2-3-5-8 Moonee Valley Race 3: 1-3-5-7 Moonee Valley Race 4: 1-2-3-4 Moonee Valley Race 5: 2-3-5-10 Moonee Valley Race 6: 1-3-6-7 Moonee Valley Race 7: 1-5-6-9 Moonee Valley Race 8: 2-4-7-8 Moonee Valley Race 9: 3-9-11-13 Thanks Scoob and Ponda.Good punting all
  15. Yeh Ohaka. He had to shave his head. It was as if Ricoh knew he would fail.
  16. Brent Zerafa couldn’t tip his beer over. I do remember when he backed a horse once but didn’t include it in his first four tips. I think he got suspended. Get On is s good show but it’s like a comedy.