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  1. On 1/18/2021 at 11:35 PM, tasman man said:

    Nice Trump.....a bit of reluctant praise there I sense.

    It must be nice to be a keen Kiwi sport follower proudly living in can run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.

    Rock up to your golf club and pump the chest out as NZ teams /athletes / horses punch above our weight then speed off home in a flash Mercedes and jump on cafe and warn us of the probable doom when we have to face the might of Australia.

    Sure the Black Caps don't win too often in probably remember when they wouldnt even play us...we got their B team up to about 1974........but we have earned our high ranking in recent times.Not only in results but in the way we play the game !And even KW has scored a couple of centuries and a 97 v Australia.

    Then in Yachting we continue to do KW our current helmsmen who you dissed recently are ,like KW, among our best ever sportspeople...Champion perforners and people too !

    And of course our horses in Aussie....5% of numbers ,win  over 6% of races and 17% of Group races !



    Nicely put young Gaz.Too true.

    Hope you and yours are having a great 2021

    I'm watching the Karaka sales.Did I see you there?

  2. 12 hours ago, tasman man said:

    I thought this may have been your idea of a joke....that you may be a 'mate' of chevy86 but I now read his reply !

    It seems apparent that your comment to him was therefore spoke with the same venom/aggression that you have spoken to others including myself thru 2020.

    Personally it didn't worry me one bit , but I think it does little for this site or for your own standing.

    I imagine this doesn't worry you one little bit will probably just have another drink and reflect on the good old days when from memory I think you claimed you did marvels  helping run the Auckland Trotting Club .

    But if it was my site , and I don't know Leigh the owner ,I would have some of your abuse red flagged with the odd red card or spell given to reflect .

    Why ?......I actually have a number of folk suggesting to me that I should post more often .....this suggests to me that these folk are somewhat reluctant to post opinions when the replies get too personal and abusive. 

    Just my thoughts.

    My predictions for 2021 differ a little from Trumps....

    I think Burling/Tuke will steer the AC NZ's way........they have an incredible record at winning allsorts of yacht races and are true humble champions.

    And NZ racing will struggle....returns to Owners will continue to struggle to reach 30%. Our horses will still be much sought after.

    The negative people in NZ racing will continue to be negative and will continue to highlight every glitch and set back ,while DITTO the Optimists will see the glass half full and spread positivity as it is often in their own best interests to do so..

    Boys Get Paid will continue to be a bright spot in NZ Racing.


    Onya Gaz.A spade is a spade.A few people on here not keen on folk who disagree with them.Now that is never going to work.

    Folk aren't going to agree all the time.Tho they nearly did with Labour.

    Having a blue by text is a no winner.You can never judge  the sentiment included in the argument.Then it escalates from there.Anyway not normally the end of the world.

    Merry Xmas to you and family and a great 2021 for you.I may be Auck way sometime.

    And hoping you snare plenty of winners at good odds.

  3. Forwards were massive Tassie. Laulala certainly made a difference. Some of their players weren’t their best but you can only play what’s against you. 

    We seemed to ignore their little niggling tackles well too. Akira Ioane has matured a lot and could be the solution at six. He has certainly got the size. Dunno about his bro. 

    The backs seemed disconnected. Kicks to no one kicks to grandstand etc. Perhaps it was part of the master plan to tire them out for the last 2o mins. Well it worked. 

    Yeh great to see Tasman beat the Auks

  4. On 11/14/2020 at 9:06 PM, Trump said:

    So, 5 Test Matches as Coach, 2 wins gives Ian Foster a 40% win %. Plus, a first EVER loss to Argentina! No doubt, Foster will be calling for a few tests against Papua New G, Zimbabwe and Canada, in order to get his Test win average up! Calling Scott Robertson! 

    You know your rugby alright . No second chances from you but I’ll take the 38 point win. 

  5. 14 hours ago, Ohokaman said:

    Another conspiracy theorist.....if anyone is trying to steal an election it is Trump, Giuliani, Ellis and Powell.

    If you believe anything they say, you are dumber than I thought......🙄

    There is no end end to these people Ohaka. They can’t take a good flogging and just lie down. Probably nice people face to face but on here sore losers looking to blame someone left RIGHT and centre. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Red Rum said:

    Was with TCO at turn , then had 3 to 4 lengths to make up  on him at 200 and mowed him down ,  I had him as one of mine so bit gutted . Very sad to see AVD break down . Ballydoyle luck right out . At least Joseph won .

    Yes a tough watch. Perfect draw waited too long expecting leader to stop. Good lesson for her. Been riding well