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  1. Just wondering what you are up too. Having seen you on here for a month odd. Hope all is well. Maybe a business trip you are on 

    1. biff


      Hello, no business trip this time, just got the shits…….with management actually, however time heals most things so about to reply to a post…….as I'm now a licensed trainer here, I'll need to curb my enthusiasm, my missus on the other hand lets rip, no holds barred. Thank you for asking after me, all the best to you too.

  2. I have me you and Pogo for a Sharks team.

    I have sent a message to Kay H to see if he wants to be in

    Cheers .Good punting and go the ABs

    1. globederby12


      Sounds good. That was a demolition job by the AB,s, Cheikas job must be on the line now.


  3. Hi mate. How you doing over in Perth. Right up your ally with the top Trooting comp currently on. I see it's the final tonight. No coverage at all of the inter Doms over the eastern side of the country.  See last years winner has been scratched. Maybe Smolda is a chance. Hope you back the winner. The new tipping Como is a bit tricky getting to see what the best tactics are. The experts have had a lash with the total bank and joker and used get out of jail card  card if they fail. Anyway good punting mate and enjoy Perth 

    1. globederby12


      Had to come back Mark, missed the Final. Great facilitys at Glouchester Park,lovely venue but a shit of a track really. Read my post on Harness. The tipping comp for me is just having a stab in the dark and hoping. Not that interested really. Andys horses are going shit at the moment as you can tell,so no Ace in the Holes yet.

      In a ballot for more shares in our Trotting syndicate down South,and in for a good season with Dark Horse and Father Xmas. Some well bred youngsters on the books as well,a couple of Angus Halls look good.

      Nice to see Smolda win though ,we don't often win Inters on Aussie soil. My pick choked down (Run one Over),raced very keenly but is turning into a nice Grand Circuit horse.

      All the best for the festive season, good punting etc.

      Regards Rees

  4. Hi Lloydie. How are you getting on old mate. Had a poor day punting today

    good to see Zmichelle Payne winning Cup eh. Good Kiwi girl ha sh ha h ah 

  5. hi Kay.Trying to get a Sharks team going.We have 3 so far.Are you and Sylvia interested?

    Cheers and good punting.Mark/Memphis

  6. Hi PJ. I know Pogo. Loves winding us up but has huge respect for us and our horses. Holidays there last year and loved it. Gary Williams showed him round. Gary and I went down and watched a Sharks game with him. Great host. He was a bit indisposed during that last comp he was in. All good. Enjoying the AB win. Probably the best performance I can remember from them. I'm off to the Cake Tin next week. Cheers. Mark 

  7. No worries Rees. Good that he is getting some winners. Looks like a tough game in NZ at present. 

    Did I see him with one in at Hawera tomorrow? Gee the Hawera tipping races are hard going . All the best. Good punting. 

  8. You know you are in trouble after 2 races and 2/$3 winners non of your team mates have selected a winner.ffs

    Could be a long comp.Looking forward to tomorrow.