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  1. 1 hour ago, tripple alliance said:

    Effin unbelievable  , Any goodwill towards cindy for her handling this  is gone  . So much for all in this together .  What is she thinking , thousands will shop there endangering us all and the staff will be exposed to this danger and will take the virus home .  It would be far safer to attend a race meeting than go shopping at the wharehouse  , this is WRONG .

    The Warehouse will remain open during New Zealand's four-week isolation period

    In an announcement to the sharemarket, The Warehouse said it was a provider of key consumer goods for New Zealanders. 


    You've never shown any "goodwill" toward Jacinta Ardern, on any matter, ever. You bag her mercilessly, in regard to everything she does, in both her public and personal life.

    This lack of objectivity makes your views irrelevant.

  2. 12 hours ago, 100 1 said:

    Do you honestly believe the govt is shutting it's borders because 6 people have tested positive to a flu that has been with us for years?

    5-14% of all flu viruses are corona viruses

    Did the world should shut down when HIV reared it's head?

    Do they close all roads when a crash injures 6 people knowing that more crashes are going to occur if they don't?

    Get a grip

    On Tuesday at 10.26am under the "Trump written off" topic, you outline very precisely what Covid 19 is all about. You say we are "watching a world wide operation in real time" and outline, in some detail, how the whole thing is a military operation.

    Then, the following day, Wednesday at 6.22pm under this "Coronavirus hysteria" topic, you ask many questions say "basic questions go unanswered" and act like you have no idea.

    Why are you posing these questions on Wednesday, if you already know the answer to them?

  3. 15 hours ago, 100 1 said:

    Here you go...5-14% of all viruses are corona viruses

    Didn't we have it last year ?

    Is it even new?

    Where is it tested ? in clinics? In hospital? In the general public?

    Basic questions go unanswered.

    It's on a par with climate change sculdugery



    100 1

    When you post in the "Trump" topic you tell us Covid 19 is some kind of military operation. All planned, explainable with the outcome already pre-determined.

    Then you post in this topic raising multiple questions, stating "basic questions go unanswered."

    WTF 100 1. C'mon man - you either have all the answers or you don't..

    Talk about a $1 each way.


  4. 2 hours ago, 100 1 said:

    You are watching a world wide military operation in real time.

    Corona virus is a psyops designed to lock down the world and rehome the people.

    Once in lock down the internet will be shut down for 10 days which will grind everything to a halt. 

    Power will be available but there will be zero communication to people other than the EMS (Emergency Broadcasting System on phone) which will explain to the people what has taken place and why it is necessary.

    During the 10 days the military will present evidence and verification of the deep state crimes and show videos to inform the people of basically what I have been telling you for 3 years.

    After 10 days normal services will resume but it will be the beginning of a new and far better world as the bullshit stops and the perpetrators are dealt with.

    The USD will return the gold standard and the sharemarket will once again break all time highs.

    Amazingly the CV cases will decrease and disappear.

    As I said in the beginning this is the biggest event of your lifetime and you get front row seats.

    It will be amazing.

    You sound very confident about this scenario 100 1.  I'm not sure why these impressive forces have got you in the loop, but you seem well up with their plan.

    If this doesn't come to pass, just as you say it will, are you going to stop posting? I hope so.


  5. My answer for the Corona virus dilemma affecting the English Premier League is -

    Call it off for the season. Next season have a 22 team comp, with all current Premier teams plus Leeds and West Brom.

    That's of course assuming there will be a "next season"

  6. On 3/6/2020 at 9:34 AM, crustyngrizzly said:

    Dow Jones down over 4% at the moment.

    Then you look at the shares that rose Coca Cola,Home Depot and Micro Soft.

    Strange i would have to say but then again it is the states.

    Myself should the NZX fall again today i will be having a wee nibble.


    Oh shit Crusty!! Took your advice and dived in.

    Now I've got my begging cup and a little "Any spare change appreciated" sign out and I'm heading downtown to sit on the pavement.

  7. 29 minutes ago, crustyngrizzly said:

    Americans are doing what Buffett has always said.......stay the course.

    In fact Buffett is buying shares after they fall below his thresh hold.

    He says shares will outperform money by a substantial amount over the next decade and with interest rates continuing to fall i agree.

    Open your wallets folks and get in,plenty of bargains imo on the nzx.

    Good advice. Now which companies make toilet paper?

  8. I woke up with a sore throat this morning and went directly down to the Out Patients at the local hospital.

    "Corona virus" I announced loudly, which made everyone else with their broken arms and serious burns duck away.

    The nurses told me to leave, which really pissed me off,.

    I sat outside sulking, while breathing heavily into my paper face mask and rubbing my hands with sanitiser, from one of the 55 bottles I purchased a month ago.

    Then I rang "Stuff NZ".  I may not be sick, but I'll get in the news, for sure.

  9. We smashed those Indians. How did that happen?? The worlds greatest batsman suddenly looked like he'd just been selected out of 4th grade.

    I've decided that, first, you accept the extreme highs and lows that come with supporting the Blackcaps. Then you just hop on the giant rollercoaster and enjoy the ride.

    What more can you do??

  10. On 2/29/2020 at 10:29 PM, Trump said:

    She’s already started - she’s telling her neighbour to stop sending back criminal, meth peddling, no good bikie NZ Citizens. If they want to stay in Oz and go to Jail in Oz then they should naturalise. They would then be able to stay - at the pleasure of Her Majesty’s Prisons ! Good on Scott Morrison - he just let her hang herself. The media in Oz do not like a NZ PM telling them how to run their Country - especially non- performing Far Left Socialist types. 

    If you just say nothing then you get bullied. In regard to these deportations Aus are bullying NZ. You gotta stand up to bullies.

  11. Watching the end of the cricket last evening, I was certain I'd seen it all before.

    It's the one where The Black Caps can't possibly lose.......and then they lose :rcf-shocked-5:.

  12. On 11/1/2019 at 10:41 AM, Uriah Heap said:

    Above is my reply to the 100 1 post below

    "Everything is coming to a head and October it will be revealed for the world to see."

    Well it's now 1 November and as I suspected nothing has been revealed. Nor will it be. Donald Trump is not interested in destroying the Deep State. Donald Trump is merely interested in what is best for Donald Trump. 

    100 1 - If you want your Deep State revealed and destroyed you need to find yourself another Champion. Donald Trump is not the man for this job.

    You were not correct with this prediction 100 1.

    Nothing was revealed by the end of October.

    I stand by my comments on Donald Trump and "the deep state". He is not a champion of those wishing to unmask "the deep state". Donald Trump is continually serving his own interests.

  13. On 12/12/2019 at 9:40 AM, tripple alliance said:

    Hey Thomarse , Hedley and cindy lovers  in general , there can't be many of you left ,  have a read .

    Today, the Treasury released the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update. 

    (1) Economic growth forecasts slashed. (2) Budget deficit forecast for 2020. (3) Broken their promise to run surpluses every year.  

    (4) Over $20 billion more in debt over the next 4 years , (5) Broken their promise to get debt under 20% of GDP by 2020. 

    (6) A further $15 billion increase in ‘off the balance sheet’ debt over the next 5 years.








    RE number (5). I thought the Govt had been encouraged to loosen the strings and spend more at a time of low interest rates. Thus the debt will not go under 20%.

  14. 19 hours ago, jeepers said:

    Seems strange that a Chopper pilot states he could have all bodies out in 90minutes and is prepared to do so. These poor people should be out by now and the weak Police and that pathetic PM need to take some leadership and get on with the job. Sadly this is what happens when a weak kneed woman is in charge. Too busy worrying about plastic bags etc.

    "PM need to take some leadership and...." - blah blah blah - thanks very much for your input Mr Bridges.

    She's correct in keeping right out of it. Cops make the decision and they've got gung-ho Chopper pilots in one ear and cautious pointy head scientist's in the other. 

    They've gone in now after being appropriately cautious. 

  15. Jeremy Coney said yesterday that Guptil is a "front foot player" and as such would not survive in Aus conditions against Cummins, Strark and Hazelwood.

    The position is looking to be our achilles heel in regard to the series v Aus. They're pretty good at exploiting such weaknesses.At the very least, Ravel will be constantly reminded by Aus fielders about the need to review decisions.