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    Rugby Round Up

    Was that big dumb Blues forward really off side at the final ruck of the game? I don't think he was. He was stupid, as he needed to be extra cautious, but he appeared to time his move toward the man playing halfback perfectly. And what about the Red's player who tried to hurdle the Bulls tackler. Of course he's likely to end up on his head, but that was no fault of the tackler. So why the yellow card? If they have to have TMO all over the show, then they might as well have a look at everything.
  2. Uriah Heap

    Win the toss and ????

    Hot day, hard and fast outfield, flat pitch, big crowd, win the toss and .........bowl?? Why would ya?
  3. Uriah Heap

    Thanks tab !

    Yes Gruff. If you're looking for reasons for the decline of horse racing in New Zealand you can add the closing of TAB's to the list. Internet punting is convenient, but it removes that social side of the game for those unable to get along to the racecourse.
  4. Uriah Heap

    Brett Seymour ex Warrior in car accident

    Living in Hull would not help a person prone to depression.
  5. Uriah Heap

    Rugby Round Up

    Nice to see Lester Rutledge back playing for the Highlanders. A true blue Southern plumber in the old fashion Otago/Southland mould. He might be just the man to spark up the team full of imports.
  6. Uriah Heap

    Usain bolt vs primitive man

    Usain all the way. The benefit of evolution would see him too big, too strong, too fast. And he could also out shoot them with his imaginary bow and arrow set.
  7. Uriah Heap

    Win the toss and ????

    He'd have also been aware that this block had 5 million runs hit on it in the past month.
  8. I wonder if, in 2178, after another "165 years of pain and suffering", New Zealanders might well be debating the unwritten "principles" in the NZ Constitution, first drafted in 2013. One of the Constitutions clauses needs to read "There are no hidden principles in this document".
  9. Uriah Heap

    OPO, the Maori Council.....

    "I always like to end my pots.." "But then I find I haven't had enough pots, so I drink twelve more. Then I start posting on sites like this one" "I was raised in Puerto Rico" - Say no more.
  10. Uriah Heap

    Benny barba

    Is some of that stuff they say on the radio not true???
  11. Uriah Heap

    Are Diet drinks slowing killing us

    Yes Gruff, there is plenty of literature about that will tell you that it is sugar and not animal fat that is the cause of our high rates of heart disease and cancer, etc in the Western World. Soft drinks are packed full of sugar and are one of the worst offenders. It's all to do with the body not being able to convert the sugar into energy so it merely becomes "fat", usually around your gut (vital organs). I guess the moral is - Put down that can of Coke and start munching on medium rare T Bone steak.
  12. Uriah Heap

    New TMO Powers

    The thing is, that in the good old days (i.e. last season), both those tries (Daggs and Smiths) would have been awarded and no one would have accused the match officials of making a horrendous error. In the Dagg case it was highly debatable whether or not he was held in a tackle and in the Smylie case the supposed knock on was, at best, very slight. This trolling over yards of footage looking for the smallest indiscretion is something the Poms will love, but we just don't need.
  13. Uriah Heap

    NZ First attacks Maori healing spending

    While I agree with the gist of your argument Huharttirty, I'm not so convinced about the point you make in regard to "abercrombie". It's well known that abercrombie was tbbjo ron ttupqoblurnoio, ganng behoupnt shnuo frooodgt.
  14. Uriah Heap


    It's a disgrace alright. Probably didn't have his boots polished either.
  15. Uriah Heap

    Israel Falou

    Lovely pick up for that try he scored on the weekend. He's got skills.
  16. Uriah Heap

    Auckland v Wellington

    Get a grip Gordy. It may not have been worth a penalty try or even a yellow card, but there is no way that Blues winger was looking to force the ball. The ball was about a metre from the ground and all he was looking to do was slap it away from Savea.
  17. Uriah Heap

    Pistols pistorius

    There's a couple of things that don't add up in Oscar's recall of events that night. He said he got up to get a fan off the balcony, returned into the house, heard someone in the toilet and decided it was an intruder, so blasted "the intruder" through the closed door. Why would he not think "that might be my girlfriend in there". Second thing is she locked the door. What did she lock the toilet door for? She's only in the house with her boyfriend. And the uncontrolable crying in Court. That doesn't look like a man falsely accused and determined to clear his name. It looks like a man who knows he has seriously stuffed up and feels sorry for himself.
  18. Uriah Heap


    I would gather that I am the "half" person referred too here. For what it is worth, while I don't agree with much of her rhetoric, I think the statement in bold print made by Ms Newman is right on the mark. You will find that all inter racial and inter religion struggles revolve around those who have the power and those who seek the power. Money and assets equals power. Why should it be any different in this case? It's not.
  19. Now I've googled this "165 year of hurt and suffering" and it brings up nothing. Are you sure you haven't just made it up Turny, just to wind up the "rednecks". What I did find was the Ngai Tahu Settlement document. There is some serious apologising toward Ngai Tahu going on (and on and on) in this document. I was amazed. Poor old Opo would choke on his weetbix if he ever began reading this. But i guess if you are going to flick a group of people $60 mill or whatever they got then you have to admit to some sort of wrongdoing. I thought it a bit excessive though. Looked like it had been drafted by Hone Harawira.
  20. Uriah Heap


    "Systematic Brainwashing" This title could apply to anything our kids learn in school. How else do they learn their times tables if not by "systematic brainwashing". There's nothing wrong with what's being suggested by the M of Ed. The reality is that in schools with large Maori populations then they will get a say in decision making. In schools with few Maori they won't be so involved. Isn't that what is happening right now and I'm not reading about any conflict.
  21. Uriah Heap

    Israel Falou

    The numbers they are getting to Super 15 games in Aus, and South Africa, puts NZ to shame. People are just not showing up in any sort of numbers over here. That leads to a poor atmosphere and even less people turning up the next time. You get the odd exception, such as if the students turn up down in Dunedin or the Chiefs have a Finals game, but the Hurricanes and Blues never pull a decent crowd these days and Canterbury should be selling out that piddly little ground of there's every time.
  22. Couple of things here. 61.5kg seems a bit lenient for a horse who's won 20 odd on the trot and never been beaten. Poor old Spiro must be thinking "What's that all about". And what does Peter Moody think if it's another of his horses that spoils his great mares unbeaten record?
  23. Uriah Heap

    Mark Lundy

    His case is to be reviewed by the Privy Counsel in the UK. I am not saying he is innocent but, taking a line through the Bain case, then they would have to rule that a retrial is the order of the day. Some of the evidence used to convict Lundy is far more dubious than anything used to convict David Bain. I refer to minute spots of blood on clothing, the victims stomach contents, altering the computer time, getting from Lower Hutt to Palmerston North and back in 3 hours in peak hour traffic, and the testimony of the women who claimed to have seen Lundy near his house that night. She is well known as a nut job. Using the Bain case as a guide, the Privy Counsel must rule a retrial to be the order of the day.
  24. I tend to agree with Opo on this one. This "hurt and suffering" malarkey is emotive and generalised. Maori have a history of adapting very quickly (unlike Aus Aboriginies) and not all suffered between 1840 and 2005. Some did very well in business, sport, politics, etc. They lived happy contented lives and in many cases passed on much wealth to their descendants. Others lived out their lives as farmers, shearers factory workers, office workers, etc like any Joe Average NZ'r with no thought of "hurt and suffering". I'd acknowledge their were some Iwi who were ripped off in the 1800's, that their members have long felt hurt by this and are due some form of compensation. However to try and make out the entire race have hurt and suffered over 165 years is just exaggeration. And what's with the "165 years". I take it that is 1840 to 2005. Has the "hurt and suffering" now finished?
  25. I knew Opo wouldn't let this one go through to the keeper. From what the Lawyer quoted says the Iwi own the lake, lock stock and barrel and have every right to charge what they want. I for one did not realise this and merely assumed that Lake Taupo was public property. The Iwi need to tread with care and lets hope they know what they are doing., Because they could end up with no one bothering to use their Lake for such events. That could begin to undermine the local economy, thus meaning less jobs for young Tuwharetoa.