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  1. Ok Newmarket  as you seem to be wanting to educate us all on how a top stable operates then why don't you educate us on all the names off the horses that are not fast enough or are broken down by the ALLSTARS  stable that end up at the butchers shop through no fault of there own come on there is always two sides to every top stable don't give us the line there's not many....we will be waiting with interest 

  2.  What do you want us to do get out the violin 

    That's  choices you  make in life some of us work 3 or more jobs to pay for what you are playing with ... not to mention the  jobs we do have fine tolerances that can mean life or death.

    Racing is merely a sport that we enjoy don't grumble enjoy it

    Everyone with stock sleeps with one eye open 

  3. Rusty you hit the nail on the head , he was placing bets with someone that had been in the game a long time you would expect better support from someone who new the rules front to back. today with all the electronic stuff around you can be photographed 100 times without you even knowing take it from someone who has been on a number of court cases and even I was surprised to see what departments can get without you even knowing.  

  4. All the gin swiggers that agreed should also GO.The way I read it was ATC thought they would make 30 mill by doing some of the sign offs themselves which you can but you have to be smarter than the average mouse they are not , sadly it effects all of us, I do feel sorry for those that sold there houses expecting to be in last year now paying high rents what a bugger.  

  5. Firstly Congrats to Sailesh and the Owners, Secondly how about these junos get off there arse and talk to the owners they are the ones paying the bills  I get put off by the B/S when they always seem to interview the blue brigade yes we know they are good but come on there are others I recall time  when they dead heated with another horse O'Connor runs over to Natalie he showed that day where his allegiance lie at lest Nat did say go and talk to the other driver first and good on her.There use to be a time when Mic would go and talk to the battling Trainers /owners ect but the seems to be long ago   

  6. Why do we even have a tape, this is such a archaic way of starting, even the great CARBINE god bless was still alive he would have something to say as the only time he got left out of the money was when the tape wrapped around his legs but sorry I forgot we are run by muppets and gin swiggers 

  7. For trotters I say get rid of the tape, this is such a prehistoric way of starting, do lights laser anything but a bloody tape and don't give me the crap about educate your horse,( then lets all be on the unruly the whole 16 odd of them wouldn't that be fun to see ha ha )  horse  don't go near the tape it bites but go to the races and you gotta get close if i was a horse Id say bugger off..   

  8. The lady with the purple hair is the daughter they sent 21 million  dollars worth of throughbred yealings to Chris a few years ago all horses need big dollars so I put the old standie in with the gallop's 


  9. Mr AllStars  good or bad for our game !! I look at it like this... they are no different than a Electrician , Builder, Plumber , Engineer we all target certain jobs that pay better for time spent and leave the crap alone. .Allstars is no different they target certain races because there way of thinking is this is the Time and Money  spent you need to go this fast if you cant then send it to someone else and they have the owners with the money to do it is it there fault NO is it the Industries fault NO it is how it is I feel its a bit like not  so long ago people where saying to many CHRISTIAN CULLEN horses are been bred and its stuffing the sport and we should limit mares served.  what some owners need to do if they are after those races is pool your money together buy 2 or three well breed ones instead of 1/2 a dozen average types but they don't call this The Sport Of Kings for Nothing, But you also so need a very good eye to buy them not all of us can. Take WINX she only went for $230 K that was the owners last and final offer as they didn't want to spend 1 dollar more  imagine if you  had 231 K look at what you could have owned, bloody helps though that you come from the inghams family ha ha       

  10. Mark is a very good trainer take nothing away but Natalie has helped him improve look at how many of his horses don't have over checkers and they have developed greatly in the rear end as you cant  development a horses arse with your head pointing to the sky any Equestrian trainer will tell you this that's because Natalie has a very good understanding of horse conditioning why do you think WINX goose to a Ex equestrian/eventer trainer ect for pre conditioning.  Good on them for there results mind you they do go through a lot that end up exit stage left that no one hears about but the game is about winning not coming second. Just my view blast away at me if you please and yes i do sit behind and train them I'm just down on horse power but i have alot of fun and no pressure :rcfe-money: