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  1. mckenzie

    The Informant

    You're probably right in that the market it appeals to is going to be small in NZ. I enjoyed it because I like to have all the weekend fields down on paper rather than having to go through websites and keep checking to see who is racing when. Plus all the articles and opinion pieces, when your reading online you only look at headlines that catch your eye, but in print you can scan over everything. It was just a well done publication that often asked important questions of the industry. The people I know who purchased it were usually the purists who liked getting their form, news and other tidbits in one place, but more and more people are moving online and getting that there.
  2. mckenzie

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    Yeah I would still have Melody Belle ahead, but we all know all G1's aren't equal, and a G1 $800,000 win over top sprinters like Osborne Bulls and Nature Strip is miles above any NZ G1. Although for NZ racing's sake it would be better to give it to her and acknowledge her efforts at home.
  3. mckenzie

    Jimmy Choux

    Former champion Australasian three-year-old and five-time Group One winner Jimmy Choux has been sold to prominent Western Australian owner-breeder Alan MacAlister and will stand next season at Wayne and Tracy Rodwell’s Rosalee Park Stud in Serpentine.
  4. mckenzie

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    The problem is that it should really have been the horse that was wiped out on the turn protesting, not the runner up who was not really hampered. I think Maximum Security should have won but the interference put the steward in a tricky spot because under their rules he had to be disqualified. It's a shame but there was very nearly a bad fall from the incident which would have been an even worse result for the sport which is struggling in the US as it is.
  5. mckenzie

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Yeah the coverage was very poor, especially that awful funk music they play just before the race. I assume it's a cost cutting measure, cheaper not to pay for the decent coverage from the US networks. We didn't even get any noise of the crowd. I found other coverage online from the US that gave much better insight into what was going on after the race.
  6. mckenzie


    Yeah lack of innovation and thinking what worked decades ago will still work today, which is not the case.
  7. mckenzie

    Who Didn't......

    Yep, today was one of the great moments in racing. You rarely get fairytails and happy endings in this sport but it just all came together wonderfully. There will be more champions to come but they will never do what she has done.
  8. Seems steep for a horse that never won outside of 3 year old grade.
  9. mckenzie

    Savvy Coup at 90’s?

    It's interesting how a horse like Danzdanzdance can be competitive over there and Savvy Coup can't.
  10. mckenzie

    Auckland Cup?

    To be fair is any 3200m race in Australasia doing well these days? Melbourne Cup is mostly internationals, Sydney Cup isn't strong anymore, Perth and Brisbane reduced in distance to try and improve the field.
  11. mckenzie

    The Bonecrusher today

    She's a great mare. They're probably wondering if they should have accepted that All Star Mile invite, she would have gone well.
  12. mckenzie

    The Bonecrusher today

    Tricky race. I like On The Rocks, goes well at Ellerslie and won at 2000m WFA last start. Melody Belle is pretty short at the moment, DDD was disappointing last time. Consensus will be in the finish somewhere. Pace will be key also, there's a few leaders but they may also put the brakes on like they tend to do in these races at Ellerslie and and make it a sprint home.
  13. mckenzie

    TAB on You Tube....

    It's too dangerous, they might go off script. I remember the early days of NZ Retro was great, then the guests said a few things that rankled the powers that be and it was reigned right in. The show died not long after. I think they fear the home truths that may get delivered if they gave some of the more outspoken members of the industry some air time.
  14. mckenzie

    Trackside does it again

    Yeah that was disappointing. Also frustrating that we missed any build up of Winx's race because Ellerslie was so far behind. I don't know if it's possible but 3 channels would be ideal. One for NZ racing, one for feature Australian racing, and one for all the other stuff. At the moment they're trying to cram too much into the two channels and as a result the two feature races of the day were poorly broadcast.
  15. A stud could put on a restricted race for horses by x stallion. Give it a big stake and suddenly there's a whole lot in the Derby by that stallion. Would that be fair?
  16. Just don't count the stakes money from restricted races. Chris Waller was actually saying the same thing a few weeks ago about the stakes from those Inglis and Magic Millions races and they shouldn't be used to get into the Golden Slipper. As he said, “Why should a horse sold at an auction be given an advantage (over a home bred horse)?”.
  17. mckenzie

    The Everest

    Yep. Good leadership and new ideas can do wonders. Also V'Landys has been in the industry for decades so is actually passionate and knowledgeable about the game. The nz strategy seems to be: appoint an outsider, they take years to get up to scratch with the industry, then make some expensive but minor changes that they promise will save the sport, depart shortly after, repeat cycle.
  18. mckenzie

    Karaka on TV?

    I had to do the same!
  19. mckenzie

    Karaka Sales thread

    Yeah the fawning is a little annoying. Didn't offer much analysis either.
  20. mckenzie


    I wondered the same. Hopefully they release it as I am curious just how they found the margin after so long.
  21. mckenzie


    Not exactly an easy interview, a foreign tennis player who has never been to the races before. What do you ask her?
  22. mckenzie

    Boxing Day racing

    They would be smart to move one of the good races from New Years Day to Boxing Day e.g. Auckland Guineas, because at the moment it's lacking depth for what was once one of our premier racedays. Why have a carnival/boxing day races if you're going to put all the main events on Jan 1.
  23. mckenzie

    Weakest G1 Ever ?

    Jon Snow was placed in a G1 WFA at Flemington a few months ago. The Aussie 2000m WFA fields apart from Winx are pretty woeful, next behind her is Humidor who didn't exactly set the world on fire when he raced here. I guess my point is I've seen worse G1 fields in NZ, the sprint races mainly.