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  1. Randwick Race 1 Vivenzo $20ew Randwick Race 6 Shameless Miss $200 ew Randwick Race 7 Thorin $20 ew Cheers
  2. 1. Ruakaka R1—1-9 2. Ruakaka R2—6-7 3. Ruakaka R5—10-13 4. Eagle Farm R1—5-6 5. Ruakaka R7—4-9 6. Randwick R4—4-6 7. Ruakaka R10—1-8 8. Eagle Farm R6—3-4 9. Eagle Farm R7—1-4 10. Eagle Farm R8—3-17 11. Randwick R10—4-7 12. Eagle Farm R9—6-12 Free Slot: —9 Cheers
  3. Hastings R1–5-6 Hastings R2–1-7 Hastings R3–2-4 Hastings R4–4-10 Hastings R5–3-4 Hastings R6–2-5 Hastings R7–1-4 Hastings R8–8-9 Hastings R9–1-7 Hastings R10–3-6 Cheers
  4. 1. Whanganui @ Waverley R4——3-4 2. Avondale R3——1-8 3. Whanganui @ Waverley R5——2-3 4. Avondale R4——3-6 5. Whanganui @ Waverley R6—— 5-6 6. Eagle Farm R4——4-5 7. Eagle Farm R5——1-7 8. Eagle Farm R6——1-7 9. Eagle Farm R7——1-2 10. Eagle Farm R8——3-5 11. Eagle Farm R9——2-9 12. Eagle Farm R10——3-6 Cheers
  5. Pukekohe R2——2-3 Pukekohe R4——3-4 Pukekohe R5——2-3 Pukekohe R6 —FP Pukekohe R7——4-6 Eagle Farm R4——10-16 Caulfield R4——2-13 Eagle Farm R6——1-2 Eagle Farm R7——5-16 Eagle Farm R8——2-3 Eagle Farm R9——5-13 Eagle Farm R10–FP Cheers
  6. Te Rapa R3——2-5 Te Rapa R4——1-3 Te Rapa R6——4-7 Trentham R8——9-13 Doomben R5——4-6 Doomben R6——3-4 Doomben R7——1-6 Doomben R8——6-7 Flemington R7—-8-12 Morphettville R6——1-5 bb Morphettville R7——2-7 bb Morphettville R8—-2-19 Cheers
  7. Rotorua R3–4-7 Rotorua R5–1-2 Rotorua R6–2-9 Rotorua R8–5-10 Eagle Farm R3–3-4 Eagle Farm R5–3-18 Eagle Farm R7–1-3bb Eagle Farm R8–1-9 Scone R8–1-9 Scone R9–2-3 Morphettville R3–1-2 bb Morphettville R8–1-6 Cheers
  8. Te Rapa R2——3-5 Te Rapa R4——2-4 Te Rapa R5——2-7 Riccarton R4 ——5-6 Riccarton R5——6-8 Riccarton R7——2-4 Morphettville R4——3-4 Morphettville R5——4-7 Morphettville R6——5-10 bb Morphettville R7——4-6 Morphettville R8——1-14 bb Gosford R8——4-6 Cheers
  9. Te Rapa R2—3-6 Te Rapa R3—1-9 Te Rapa R5—1-6 Te Rapa R7—1-5 Eagle Farm R5—2-6 Eagle Farm R7—12-15 Eagle Farm R8—2-3 Hawkesbury R6—2-6 Hawkesbury R7—1-6 Hawkesbury R8—10-11bb Hawkesbury R9—6-7 bb Sandown Hillside R8—1-4 Cheers
  10. Te Rapa R4 —2-8 Randwick R3 -1-4 Randwick R4 —2-5 Hastings R6 —fp Te Rapa R7 —1-7 Randwick R5 —2-6 Hastings R7 —fp Riverton R8 —7-9 Randwick R6 —1-3 Randwick R7–2-3 Randwick R8–1-2 Caulfield R8–3-9 Cheers
  11. Awapuni R4–1-3 Awapuni R5–4-5 Awapuni R6–1-2 Awapuni R7–1-2bb Randwick R3–2-7 Randwick R4–2-6 Randwick R6–12-13 Randwick R7–2-5 Randwick R8–1-2 Randwick R9–2-16 Bendigo R6–8-11bb Bendigo R8–8-14 cheers
  12. Randwick R1 Semillion #1 Randwick R7 Hitotsu #1 Bendigo R1 Vardani #2 Bendigo R8 Cherry Tortoni #14 Cheers
  13. Riccarton R4——1-8 Riccarton R8——1-4 Tauranga R6——4-7 Tauranga R7——3-5 Rosehill R2——9-14 Rosehill R3——4-5 Bb Rosehill R4——3-8 Rosehill R5——3-7 Rosehill R6——9-14 Rosehill R7——4-11Bb Rosehill R8——7-12 Mornington R7——9-10 Cheers
  14. Rosehill Race 5 Amavisto #7 Rosehill Race 9 Maotai #18 Cheers
  15. Trentham R4——2 Trentham R5——3 Trentham R6——8 Trentham R7——7 Trentham R8——1 Rosehill R6——1 Rosehill R7——9 Rosehill R8——16 Rosehill R9—-6 Flemington R6—-2 Flemington R7——4 Flemington R8——1 Cheers