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  1. Well said you hit the nail on the head or as MR SIMON would say Right On The Lolly
  2. I know a trainer that when you take a horse to him sign here 10% if you sell don't like go away The day of a handshake is it still here but lol
  3. Why will never reach the same heights We all know its a sling on Sunline
  4. 600000 to the winner 10% trainer 5% jockey 5 or 10% to synd manager
  5. Oh, so true Well said Grandstand jocks don't ya just love them.
  6. Well said You hit the nail on the head P M
  7. Yes i know all about that absolutely disgusting how Kate was treated. Mafia style Two sheriffs from the club playing hitmen
  8. Shifnal Chief what a horse big and black Last saw him as a clerks horse at Alexandra Park back in the day
  9. Bloody well said poundforpound and a good laugh as well .
  10. NO, i haven't as yet will have a look lol See what you mean strange dude that one
  11. And what makes you think that Port
  12. Well said Tom all they do is chop them down. If they are so good why not try themselves. See how they go
  13. Wouldnt matter what Lance said damned if you do damned if you don't
  14. Racetracker on tab acc and will get a tx to cell phone on the day
  15. Hell would freeze over before they did that They have stolen the Avondale cup
  16. hizzy


    Yes got to agree on that one scooby but apart from them good site love it