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    Saturday Racing

    I like your endeavour but this is a faux polictical site. No one actually cares about the sport or discussing its participants.
  2. Big Boned

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    Racing clubs dont welcome people. They use them to make money. Next time fill up a chiily bin and have a beer. Every other place of work in NZ has a drink afterwards,
  3. Big Boned

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    Why would you stay at the races? Seriously? Are you lot members in the elite lounge? No seats, no service, no tap beer, no food, no sky sport, no wifi, pretty much no welcome. Why would a fan or customer want to stay at the races once the horses are finished. Went to the Te Tapa Tavern straight after the last. Go a seat, a jug, sport on TV, could take my glass outside and a free sauasge in bread. The bartender even asked about my day was.
  4. Big Boned

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    Liqour licencs stopped the fun with no BYO. It is racings job to create interest in horses.
  5. Big Boned

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    Stunning performances today. I got to watch some geat racing.
  6. Big Boned

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    The fields are amazing. Potential everywhere. 5 fillies trying to sort out who is best. No doubt atleast one of them will give a big race in Australia a shake. Dragon Leap is the star but has a huge test. A Cox Plate placegetter at Te Rapa, this is awesome. Avantage! The Herbie Dyke looks a cracking race, as good as you can get in NZ. Top NZ form tested against Luvaluva. If True Enough or Beauden roll her why cant they win a good race in Australia? Doomben Cup?
  7. Big Boned

    Winston not happy with Brian de Licker ?

    I am a customer. A raceday attendee. You need my money and you dont seem to care what I want.
  8. Big Boned

    Winston not happy with Brian de Licker ?

    Provide free Wifi, enough table and chairs and pick up the rubbish. Every race club has delusions of grandeur but does not provide the basics,
  9. Big Boned


    You could have free internet at the TAB and the racecourse.
  10. Big Boned


    You are all jealous. This man is most likely a life long punter and / or an enthusiast of racing. He comes into some money and spends it on the sport he enjoys. In return dickheads mock him. What he should do is ask for a return of money under warranty and false advertising. No doubt every horse he paid for was "nice" or a sibling to something or from a new hot sire, blah blah blah. As if anyone on this site can tell a champ from a chump as a yearling.Let him has some fun and appreciate that he loves racing so much he has spent alot of his money on it.
  11. Big Boned

    How y’all looking now

    They should do a land swap. Build a new course in North Harbour. Auckland will keep growing. Got our biggest city covered.
  12. Big Boned

    Win a $1000 bar tab at HQ

    Racing in New Zealand. Racing has provided some of our greatest sporting moments such as Phar Lap or Sunline. These moments get passed down each generation. They are a source of pride. My children will know what the photo of Sunline on the bookshelf really means. Memories and stories stay with a family and they are a powerful tool. Teachers are amazing and the health service is indispensable however they are needs for society. Racing is something that inspires people and creates passion. These are reasons to live. Racing deserves investment from the people of New Zealand, it has earnt it right to be at the table.
  13. Big Boned


    Red Jakkal will win the Queensland Derby. I do not own it. Im a punter who rates him. Syndicators offer a set fee, weekly emails, youtube film,financial accounts and a phone to ring, that gets answered. You know what your syndicate manager is thinking and what your horse is doing.It is worth the money that you spend.
  14. Big Boned

    Time for a swindle at HQ

    Thanks 7 - Equinox 8 - Vin De Dance 9 - Gundown Melody Belle McNab
  15. Big Boned

    Matamata Comp

    Smart Dragon Pierrocity Karaka Red Ja Ja Binks Lovelight Brilliant ShineI See Red
  16. Big Boned

    Brian De Lore - Article

    It is absolutely pointless blaming anyone other than the clubs until you can take your family and have a bird shit free seat to sit on and a rubbish bin to put rubbish in.
  17. Big Boned

    Brian De Lore - Article

    Have any of you actually visited a racecourse as a punter/enthusiast? How about tidying up your own backyard before shifting blame to other.
  18. Big Boned

    Brian De Lore - Article

    What is the point of crying about legislation when clubs are to lazy to empty rubbish bins.
  19. Big Boned


    Yes, he would have to improve. However I think the Brisbane Cup winner gets a leg up due to entry conditions of Melb Cup. I hope anyway, Kiwi horses are a great sight in a Melb Cup.
  20. Big Boned


    I believe winning the Brisbane Cup puts Chocante in a good position to run in the next Melbourne Cup. Is that correct? That would be great if he made it to the Cup.
  21. Big Boned


    Lord Tridan was my favourite when I was just getting into racing and punting. Always good for my 2 ew! A good friend and I once teamed up and bet $500 to win on both Ethereal and Snowland on a trip to the Golden Slipper. What a day. Shouted ourselves a trip to Amsterdam when Ethereal got up. What a trip!
  22. Big Boned

    Derby Day Question

    The stake for the NZ Derby needs to be at premium levels. It is the only race in NZ that consistently produces horses that win at Group 1 level in Australia. If the Derby was only worth 650k, consideration would be given to skip it and head to Sydney for their triple crown.
  23. Big Boned

    Good vs Bad trainers

    When, where and why. If a trainer can answer those types of questions truthfully they are good trainers. In fact if they are good trainers you would have received an email or call explaining the reasoning.
  24. Almost every club in NZ should sell up but not relocate. Two needed in Auckland, one of them must be a flash one that is world class. One in the Waikato and one near Wellington and Christchurch. All the others should be shut down and have a date with a bulldozer. The flash Auckland track is the only track that has groups ones.