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  1. HarryHindsight

    Big news right here

    I recall reading that the NZ TAB have to pay TABCORP as NZ punters lose more than they win betting on all the events that are brought in by our clueless TAB. No surprise here but perhaps the industry would of been better off if they had focused on NZ racing and forget all the crap they insist on polluting the racing channels with. If the above is correct how much does the NZ TAB lose to Australia ?
  2. Happy layer thinking I can cover @ a better price in run . She hasn't been the first one to settle so far.
  3. "I wonder how this person is feeling this morning? I guess $1.25 wasn’t too short for him! " I would offer $1.25 that the only professional in that bet was the bookmaker.
  4. I tip my hat for you posting it pre race but really how could anyone price that @ $1.25 . Don't worry about how pretty the last start looked or who mummy and daddy are , gambling is about the odds. Taking unders is one way to the ...........
  5. HarryHindsight

    Fixed odds deductions

    So if you bet when the market percentage is above 125% then you are going to be disadvantaged by any deduction ? Most New Zealand markets the preceding day are over 130%
  6. HarryHindsight

    Fixed odds deductions

    I am not very bright but should they use 80 when their profit margin is already in their price. Seems to favor the TAB but someone more mathematically minded than myself may care to comment. I would think the market percentage at time of scratching should be in the equation.
  7. HarryHindsight

    results page.

    Clearly the plan is to pay your opposition to create your software so that it devalues your business so that they can buy it for a song. How many are in on this.
  8. HarryHindsight

    Boys get Paid

    I don't understand how anyone can knock this group . They need all the encouragement they can get . Or are some forums full of grumpy old people looking at all the negatives ....
  9. HarryHindsight

    Weir waves the white flag

    I wonder how the horses perform now. I guess not all of them experienced the cruel training method . Time will tell.
  10. Betfair AU and Betfair UK have different owners or so I am told by their help desk.
  11. HarryHindsight

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Good to see Betfair spend the NZTAB's money wisely on the improvements to their site, information. https://sites.betfair.com.au/live/
  12. HarryHindsight

    Sectional data from Saturday, 26 January

    Thanks for posting these . More information equals more turnover ................
  13. HarryHindsight

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Most likely this has already been mentioned but I can't find the quaddie dividend for Ellerslie or any venue ?
  14. HarryHindsight

    New FOB and Shutdown

    The only thing you can bet on here is their salaries and bonuses remain intact, maybe a modest increase. Does building a new post office sell more stamps ?
  15. HarryHindsight

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Hard to find anything that is better. Runs like a slug with key data missing. If they paid 50 million for this I have one lane of the Brooklyn Bridge that is available for a limited time.