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  1. You need to take the word "Market" out of the term "Share Markets" . Price discovery is a missing element . The central banks control the action and how long their paper is good we shall see ....
  2. No , I wouldn't follow every trainer interview . Only a fool would . I am not looking for tips or advice. I do listen and watch and work it out for myself . I do like listening to what a trainer of a horse I am interested in says , and what they don't say . I only wished to thank BP for interviewing the trainers of the horses I was interested in. I found it helpful .
  3. BP interviewed the trainers of the last two winners at Tauranga. Is this where we say thanks ?
  4. One day is a small sample but maybe you should try turn it into something good and lay the selections. Think how much time you could save with someone else doing all the hard work .
  5. They should all change. Any man From any land For any amount That he can count. Losing punters banned.
  6. Totally agree . An excellent effort and result for all involved . A good news story from NZ racing .
  7. In an article i read Allan Woods said they had 100 variables on each horse. You may need 100 variables for each track here but I would think if you could do it you would get the lot :) Not everyone wants to do the work to win and I doubt many took Tim Vince's advice.
  8. From what I recall they only bet when they had positive expectation . ie: The available odds were greater than their assessed odds. How you accurately price a horse given the many distinct variables of NZ horse racing is beyond me. Perhaps that's why Woods/Benter chose Hong Kong .
  9. Whats with the constant bitch fight on here ? I would think the horse that wins the race is not always the one that slows down the least. Expected value at the available price was ? I wonder if the TAB start fixed odds betting on HK now that Betfair has announced they will be operating on Hong Kong in 2 weeks. May be bigger than Texas.
  10. Another loser How many more metres did TAS travel than ED? 1, 3, 8, 12, 15 or not interested? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How often would you expect TAS to travel the least distance in a race ?
  11. " The successful applicant will be required to undergo a pre-employment drug test and medical assessment. " What drugs do you need to take to work there ?
  12. England v Pakistan In-Play Matched: AUD 236,268,584 Maybe racing has had it's day ....................
  13. Clearly Betfair are on top for mine. You won't be banned if you are a long term winner. You may learn how to win using Betfair. Lots of depth in all quality racing. In play betting on most sports. If you don't like the website use the API , either Geeks Toy or you can have one built for your needs. If you are a losing punter why not keep your money in NZ and assist the NZ industry .