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  1. Te Rapa R 6 #14 Contessa Vanessa Thanks
  2. Te Rapa R 6 #12 Contessa Vanessa Randwick R4 #9 Ready To Prophet Randwick R5 #5 Master Ash Caulifield R5 #5 Native Soldier Randwick R6 #10 Winx Caulfield R6 #8 Humma Humma Randwick R7 #10 Three Sheets Caulfield R7 #16 Miss Gunpowder Randwick R8 #10 Smart Amelia Morphettville R7 # 5 Tatoosh
  3. M5 R6 # 10 Delacroix M12 R7 #10 Brave Song
  4. Focus


    The Major Grunt Milseain
  5. Focus

    Richard Brosnan Press Release

    I wouldn't call Pompallier average - 20 wins including the Dominion Handicap and NZ Trotting Championship.
  6. Focus

    very old drivers

    I stand to be corrected but I am sure the oldest horse and driver to win a group 1 was Pompelliar and the late Jack Smolenski in the 2007 NZ Trotting Championship. Pompelliar at nine years and Jack a young seventy three!!!
  7. My filly was having her first start at Te Rapa when the meeting was abandoned due to the running rail falling over ..... Off to Awapuni yesterday for todays meeting................ I'm sure there are many others in the same boat - what a joke NZ racing has become.
  8. Focus

    Te Aroha Track

    Thanks for the track update - Cheers
  9. Like the industry needs anything like this!! - we should be welcoming people to the sport of kings not ripping the people who pay the bills (the owners) off. Absolutely disgusting act on all concerned.!!
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    What a performance by this beautiful specimen of a thoroughbred - congratulations to all concerned. Love You Xtravagant.
  11. Focus

    Paul Moroney/David Ellis

    At the end of the day no one hold's a gun against your head to buy a share in a racehorse - it is simply your choice to invest or not.
  12. Focus

    You Have To Laugh

    She is a lovely filly who didn't get a go today because of the way race the was run - she was never suspect at anything apart from getting a FAIR run
  13. Focus

    You Have To Laugh

    I wasn't laughing!!!
  14. Focus

    this is Kerry Hoggard

    He might be be a fine bloke..... He has shafted Gareth Dixon!!!!!!!
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    They put on a pretty good "do" for their summer meeting with regards to marquees and you can get a very good view from inside the track.
  16. Focus

    Harness Jewels Competition

    7 9 5 8 1 3 4 2 6 1.53.33
  17. Focus

    Richard Brosnan

    I think from memory Pompalliers's two most notable wins NZ Trotting Championship and the Dominion Handicap were with drivers other than Richard Brosnan.
  18. Focus

    Better Cover Lover

    Congratulations to you Brent & Diane - Well & Truly deserved - long may it last